Yahaya Bello: What to know about American International School attended by ex-Kogi gov’s children

 Yahaya Bello: What to know about American International School attended by ex-Kogi gov’s children

Ola Olukoyede, head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), revealed that ex-Kogi governor Yahaya Bello withdrew $720,000 from state funds for his child’s school fees at American International School, Abuja (AISA) ahead of his tenure’s end. 

The transaction, conducted through a bureau de change, occurred as Bello anticipated leaving office. Olukoyede emphasized the impropriety of a governor siphoning public funds for personal use, particularly in a financially struggling state like Kogi. 

He clarified that he inherited the investigation and did not instigate it. 

EFCC agents attempted to apprehend Bello over an alleged N80 billion fraud, prompting a standoff at his Abuja residence. Governor Usman Ododo’s visit coincided with the EFCC’s operation, leading to Bello’s reported rescue and subsequent declaration as wanted by the anti-graft agency. 

The Nigeria Immigration Service also placed him on a watchlist. The EFCC accused Bello, alongside others, of diverting N80.2 billion from Kogi’s government funds.

“A sitting governor, because he knew he was leaving office, moved money directly from the government to bureau de change and used it to pay his child’s school fee in advance,” the EFCC boss said.

“Over $720,000 in anticipation that he was going to leave the government house. In a poor state like Kogi, you want me to close my eyes under the guise of ‘I’m being used’. Used by who? At this stage of my life.”

Here are some key things to know about AISA:

Organizational Structure: Governed by a seven-member Board of Governors, AISA ensures effective leadership, with representatives appointed by the U.S. Ambassador and elected members from the school association. Additionally, the school has three school trustees overseeing its operations.

Accredited Curriculum: AISA’s curriculum is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, offering a standards-based approach that emphasizes conceptual understanding and skill development. Guided by the AERO Common Core standards, the curriculum facilitates smooth transitions to other international schools or those in the United States.

College Preparation: As a U.S. college-preparatory program, AISA offers a wide range of course options, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes, to prepare students for admission into top universities globally. Notably, AISA is one of only four schools in Africa to offer the esteemed AP Capstone Program.

Diverse Electives and Extracurricular Activities: AISA provides students with a variety of elective courses, ranging from arts and music to languages, IT, and STEM subjects. Additionally, the school offers numerous extracurricular activities, such as Model United Nations, MathCounts, robotics, and community service initiatives, enriching students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Athletics: AISA encourages students’ physical well-being through participation in athletics, including basketball, soccer, swimming, and volleyball. Students have the opportunity to compete in the West African International Schools Activities League, fostering teamwork and sportsmanship.

Diverse Faculty and Student Body: With a faculty representing various nationalities, including the USA, Australia, UK, Brazil, and more, AISA ensures a rich and inclusive learning environment. Similarly, the school’s enrollment of 406 students reflects its commitment to diversity, with students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Modern Facilities: AISA boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including 48 classrooms, science labs, music and art rooms, a multipurpose hall, and extensive outdoor spaces for recreational activities. Additionally, all classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, and students have access to MacBooks and iPads for enhanced learning experiences.

Financial Accessibility and Support Services: While the majority of the school’s income is derived from tuition fees, AISA strives to ensure accessibility through grants and scholarships. The school also offers support services, such as English-As-An-Additional-Language (EAL) and learning support programs, to assist students with diverse learning needs.

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Special Needs Support: AISA provides support for students with exceptionalities, ensuring that they receive the necessary assistance for their academic success. The school’s Special Needs Profile offers comprehensive information on its capabilities to support students with diverse learning needs.

  • The academic calendar runs from August to June, with two semesters: August to December and January to June.
  • AISA offers a wide range of after-school clubs for early childhood and elementary students, including ballet, gymnastics, cooking, karate, science, soccer, basketball, and board games.
  • Secondary school students can participate in athletics such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and swimming, as well as an active student council and service-learning clubs.
  • Secondary students involved in athletics have the opportunity to compete in the West African International Schools Activities League, which includes travel for competitions with other schools in the region.


  • 34 Classrooms
  • 2 Music Rooms
  • 2 Art Rooms
  • Snack bar
  • Science Lab
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Computer Lab
  • 41 Smartboards
  • Elementary School Playground
  • Early Childhood Playground
  • Swimming Pool

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