He ditched me immediately he saw wealth so I cursed him!

 He ditched me immediately he saw wealth so I cursed him!

By Tesia  Anigbo

Awwwn… met this pretty lady today and her story touched me and I think I should share it with you but I will make it brief.

She said it’s fun and wonderful at first, met him when he had nothing to boast of. He was an orphan and found it so hard to even pay school fees while he was in school and suddenly, he changed immediately he graduated. Takes my advice as if am trying to control him, talks to me without respect, compared me with ladies out there and doesn’t find me interesting.

Tesia, he deflowered me, he took my heart, I gave him everything both my savings, everything. Tesia I had sleepless night anytime he said he is bothered, I did more of fasting and praying for him more than I can do for my family.

Tesia I prayed for us and finally he is blessed, working in a company, earns two times more than my family… Tesia, we both believed that I will be the mother of his children and him, the father… Tesia, what I have I done wrong tell me… What? cause am still in shock if this is a dream or reality…

To tell you the truth, I was dumbfounded for complete 5  minutes before I could muttered a word. I realized that love is a mystery just like life. I will tell you exactly what I told her to the victims out there.

Never you struggle so hard to be with a man or woman out there, you can fight for it but you need to get out of the way for God to show you why he is called God, for him to do the rest, God has shown her many times that he is not her man but she persisted.

Some people are meant to fall in love but not destined to be together but people think those words are nothing. I understand how it feels, I really have been there but cursing is not the solution instead, cry out your pain, wipe those obstacles called tears and speak out your anger in a private room and then shove it away. Come out with a face full of smile and show him how happy and grateful you are to him for making you realize that you loved him because of PITY! Which is a wrong idea for falling in love.

Is hard, I know but don’t lose your destiny because of an obstacle God removed for you.

You prayed for both of you, right… But lady, destiny took its course here and there nothing you can do about it. Some pray and it works out for them while some will pray and then is not what you expected while some as well won’t pray and they both end up together…. So is your destiny and no one should state how your destiny will look like.

Common sense should tell you that, that woman or man knows nothing about your destiny and knows nothing about how the God you serve works…I hope this message will make you strong if you are a victim of such… And remember, he made that money because of God and you have no right to curse him or judge for his actions, you know why, is because KARMA is real.

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