2024 UTME results: Over 1.4m scored below 200, only 8k got 300 and above

 2024 UTME results: Over 1.4m scored below 200, only 8k got 300 and above

The 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results show a few notable trends. 

In this report, Crispng.com examines the trends.

Firstly, out of the total 1,940,000 candidates who sat for the exam, 94.97% had their results released, indicating a high level of completion and compliance. 

However, a significant proportion, 3.33%, had their results withheld, suggesting potential issues with these candidates’ performances or adherence to examination protocols.

In terms of performance, the distribution of scores is quite telling. Only a minuscule fraction, 0.5%, achieved scores of 300 and above, highlighting the rigorous standards of the examination. 

Similarly, while 4.2% managed scores of 250 and above, a substantial 76% scored below 200, indicating a considerable portion of candidates may need additional support or resources to improve their academic performance.

The fact that 24% scored 200 and above signifies a decent portion of candidates meeting or surpassing the minimum threshold for academic competence.

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However, the dominance of scores below 200 underscores the need for continued efforts in enhancing educational quality and preparing students adequately for standardized assessments like the UTME

Overall, these statistics reflect both the challenges and opportunities in Nigeria’s educational landscape, calling for targeted interventions to ensure equitable access to quality education and improved academic outcomes.

2024 UTME in percentages:

  • Total No. of candidates:1,940,000 million
  • Total released results: 94.97
  • Withheld results: 3.33
  • Scored 300 and above: 0.5%
  • Scored 250 and above: 4.2%
  • Scored 200 and above: 24%
  • Scored below 200: 76%

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