Education in Nigeria is cheaper than other countries

 Education in Nigeria is cheaper than other countries

Education in Nigeria is inexpensive. In fact, it is cheap. And it is of reasonably high quality. That is why Nigerian doctors and nurses are valued all over the world. You cannot get the quality of education you receive in Nigeria at the same cost in most countries on Earth. 

The issue is that we are very negative people who thrive on bad news. As such, we have saturated our own media spaces with negative news about Nigeria and have a bias towards believing anything negative about our country. Nigerians even think they sound intelligent when they talk down their own country to foreigners. 

But listen to foreigners. They can talk down their leaders to you. But they would hardly talk about their country to you. Conversely, they hardly respect a person who talks down to them about his own country. If you cannot be loyal to your country, how will you be loyal to theirs? 

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But ask yourself why Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community in America, bar none, and one of the most educated in the United Kingdom. It is not because of the education they got in America and England. Rather, it is due to the education they brought to the U.S. and UK. They brought it from Nigeria. 

And when we talk down on our healthcare system, I laugh. I have written about this before, and some blogs insulted me. It is easier to see a doctor in Nigeria than in America, Canada, or England. Don’t just dismiss my words. Ask your relatives who live in those countries. Without paying for medical insurance, Nigerians get free or subsidised healthcare at general hospitals and government clinics. You routinely wait six months to see a doctor in these countries we idealise. 

In Lagos, all pregnant women, irrespective of their tax status or ethnic origins, receive free healthcare and delivery. Go to America and try to have a baby. You would be stuck with a $14,000 minimum bill for the delivery, even if, God forbid you have a stillbirth. In the UK, you will be looking at £10,000 if you are not a citizen or resident who pays National Insurance. 

So, please reduce your demarketing of Nigeria on social media. Especially if you have not been out of Nigeria before, and get your ideas about other countries from movies you watch. Unlike Nollywood, where movies are made to portray Nigeria in a bad light, the governments of the U.S., UK and Canada work with their film industry to project a propagandised whitewashed version of their societies. 

By Reno Omokri 

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