LAAF Holds Men’s Mental Health Workshop at Rotary Club Ikeja

 LAAF Holds Men’s Mental Health Workshop at Rotary Club Ikeja

Life After Abuse Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting men’s mental health held a Men’s Mental Health Workshop at the Rotary Club of Ikeja.

Halima Layeni, Founder and Executive Director of Life After Abuse Foundation, spearheaded the workshop. The event, hosted by Mr. Emeka Ibe, provided a platform for open dialogue and practical strategies to address the unique mental health challenges faced by men in our society.

The workshop, which was held on 22nd April, 2024, brought together a diverse group of participants, including mental health professionals, community leaders, captains of industries, and concerned citizens, to discuss the importance of prioritizing men’s mental health and overcoming the stigma surrounding it.

“With traditional gender norms dictating that men should be stoic and strong, many men feel reluctant to seek help for their mental health issues,” said Halima Layeni. “Our workshop aimed to challenge these harmful stereotypes and create a safe space for men to open up about their struggles and seek support.”

Throughout the workshop, attendees engaged in interactive discussions and participated in activities designed to promote self-reflection and empathy. Topics covered included sociocultural factors that lead to depression in men, the effect of toxic societal values, emotional resilience, healthy coping mechanisms, and strategies for seeking professional help.

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The workshop concluded with a call to action for continued advocacy and collaboration to address the mental health needs of men in Nigeria. Participants expressed their commitment to spreading awareness, promoting positive mental health practices, and supporting initiatives that prioritize men’s well-being.

Life After Abuse Foundation extended its heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Emeka Ibe and the Rotary Club of Ikeja for their support in organizing this impactful event.

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