Full List: 15 US Universities that accept HND for Masters program

 Full List: 15 US Universities that accept HND for Masters program

Numerous universities across the United States (US) extend admission opportunities to international students holding either official transcripts or World Education Services (WES) evaluations, particularly those with university degrees seeking further education in the country.

However, Nigerian students with Higher National Diploma (HND) degrees often face feelings of marginalization and inferiority compared to their counterparts with Bachelor’s degrees from universities, particularly when pursuing admission abroad. Despite this, many US universities also welcome unofficial HND transcripts without requiring WES evaluation from Nigerian applicants.

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Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, a scholarship consultant, recently shared a list of such accommodating institutions via his X platform, including those that accept transcripts alongside WES evaluations.

Below are 15 universities in the US accepting HND transcripts without WES evaluation:

1. University of Vermont
2. The University of Oklahoma
3. Illinois State University
4. University of Arizona
5. University of Cincinnati
6. Kent State University
7. Miami University, Ohio
8. University of Minnesota
9. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
10. Northern Illinois University
11. University of Connecticut
12. Purdue University
13. University of Kansas
14. Kansas State University
15. University of Nebraska- Omaha.

Below are 50 universities in the USA accepting HND transcripts with WES evaluation:

1. Fairfield University, Connecticut
2. Chicago State University, Illinois
3. Florida A&M University
4. Florida Atlantic University
5. Middle Tennessee State University
6. New Mexico State University
7. Indiana State University
8. Northeastern Illinois University, Kentucky
9. San Diego State University, California
10. South Dakota University
11. St Cloud State University, Minnesota
12. University of Central Florida
13. University of Memphis
14. North Carolina A&T University
15. Georgia Southern University
16. California State University, Channel Island
17. Minnesota State University, Mankato
18. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
19. Oakland University, Michigan
20. Santa Clara University, California
21. Sam Houston University
22. SUNNY New Paltz, New York
23. Tennessee State University
24. University of Hartford
25. University of Louisville, Kentucky
26. University of Nevada, Las Vega
27. University of North Carolina, Greensboro
28. Roosevelt University, Chicago
29. Long Island University, New York
30. Texas A&M College Station, Texas
31. Eastern Illinois University, Charleston
32. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
33. University of New Haven, Connecticut
34. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
35. Drexel University
36. Rutgers University
37. St John’s University, Queens New York
38. St John’s University, Texas
39. Baylor University, Texas
40. George Mason University, Virginia
41. Marquette University
42. University of Arkansas, Little Rock
43. American University, Washington
44. Queens University of Charlotte
45. Iowa State University
46. East Carolina University
47. University of Incarnate Word, Texas
48. Missouri State University
49. the University of Alabama,
50. Bentley University.

Evaluating your certificate can open doors to admission and scholarship opportunities or when migrating to some of the countries that made it compulsory.

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