What to know about Pastor Enenche’s church testimony saga

 What to know about Pastor Enenche’s church testimony saga

Veronica Anyim, a devoted member of Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja, eagerly stepped up to share her testimony one Sunday morning, filled with joy over her recent achievement of earning a law degree. 

However, her moment of celebration quickly turned sour when a clip of her testimony went viral, sparking accusations of dishonesty and fabrication. 

In the clip, Veronica proudly declares her graduation from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), only to be abruptly interrupted by the church’s founder, Paul Enenche, who accuses her of falsehood.

“Degree in what?” He asks. “What programme? What is the name of the degree? Like, medicine is MBBS. What kind of degree is it?”

Anyim responds, “BSc, sir. BSc in law, sir.”

“So, the testimony is a lie. There is nothing like a BSc in law,” Enenche remarks. “You either have LLB or BL. It’s a lie. Please go back to your seat. Is that how lawyers speak English? Please, anybody who comes to this altar to share a testimony that is not true, you do it at the risk of yourself. We are not playing here. 

We are not faking anything here. When she started that testimony and was talking about law, I knew there was nothing like law.”

Verifying Enenche’s claim:

The Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) corroborated Enenche’s statement by examining NOUN’s 2024 graduation list. Anyim Veronica Nnenna, Matric Number NOU133971176, was listed as an LLB graduate, achieving third-class honors. 

FIJ verified her project topic through NOUN’s Projects Administration System (PAS): “The Legal Framework Regulating International Peace-Keeping, Building, And The Role Of Nigeria Police Force.” 

Additionally, FIJ confirmed NOUN’s convocation in Abuja, where Anyim celebrated her graduation. Anyim, a police officer in Abuja, pursued her degree concurrently. 

Her LLB degree is recognized by the Nigerian Law School, which has admitted NOUN graduates since 2022.

Anyim Vera breaks silence:

Breaking her silence, Anyim Vera, the woman embroiled in controversy after being accused of giving false testimony by her Pastor, shared her side of the story on her Facebook page.

Expressing her anguish on Monday, April 15, via her Facebook page, Vera recounted the ordeal of being publicly shamed by her spiritual leader due to her language limitations. She clarified that she inadvertently said “BSc” instead of “LLB” due to her inability to articulate fluently in English. Vera revealed that she actually graduated with a Third Class from NOUN, ranking 2262 on the list of graduates.

In a poignant reflection, she wrote, “It’s disheartening because I couldn’t speak English like lawyers. I was labeled a liar for mistakenly saying B.Sc instead of LLB. Actually, I graduated with a Third Class at NOUN.” Despite the humiliation, Vera remained resilient, asserting her worth and reminding others not to underestimate anyone’s journey.

In a subsequent post, she defiantly declared, “The Devil came to steal my testimony but Jesus said NO!”

Through her posts, Vera not only defended her integrity but also exemplified strength in the face of adversity. #TestimonyUntarnished

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