Naira does not mean never allow Igbo rule again

 Naira does not mean never allow Igbo rule again

Reno Omokri

Why is Nigeria still allowing the imports of alcohol, predominantly premium alcoholic beverages like champagne, Scotch Whisky, and fine wines? Why do we let importers fritter away our foreign reserves on unnecessary items that can be produced locally, like oats, custard, and pastries? Imports should serve to provide us with what we cannot make but need, not what we are too lazy to make. 

We are not yet realising the situation we find ourselves in. Our currency is tied to our foreign reserves. And if we do not use them judiciously and prudently, we will pay a heavy price. 

Nigerians can do without a lot of the things we import. 

We all want to drink champagne. We must support a European football club and buy all their merchandise. Is it a curse for us to drink akamu (ogi or pap) and support Enyimba FC or Kano Pillars? 

The bitter truth is that if we want the Naira to go up, we must patronise Glo instead of MTN. Enrich Mike Adenuga, and you enrich Nigeria. Buy Innoson cars instead of Mercedes. Buy pap instead of Quaker Oats or custard. Buy kunu instead of champagne. And patronise Aba made, rather than ably made in Italy. It is not rocket science!

As Sub-Saharan Africans, we spend money on hair for our heads that we should spend on books to enter our heads. Indian women sacrifice their hair by cutting it at Hindu Temples. It is shipped, sometimes without being sanitised, to Africa. And we rush it like hot cake. When will it end? When will we see that our hair, the same hair that some of the Pharaohs (not all) had, is good enough? 

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Sadly, if a Black African woman is bold and conscious enough to go natural, it is her fellow Black African women who will put pressure on her to ‘look good’ by getting a weave on. Her husband’s friends will even complain and accuse him of not maintaining his wife!

Seriously, the National Orientation Agency has its job cut out for it. We must return to the era of Jerry Gana’s MAMSER and make Nigerians feel good about Nigeria if we ever want the Naira to recover. 

And by the way, Naira does not mean






Yes, Chief Obafemi Awolowo introduced the currency, the Nigerian Naira, on January 1, 1971, and it was rolled out on January 1, 1973. 

According to Chief Awolowo, the word Naira is a short form of the word Nigeria. It is similar to how today’s youth have nicknamed Nigeria Naija. Both Naira and Naija are short forms of Nigeria. 

Please stop listening to Radio Biafra. It is like consuming poison. It is filling your mind with hatred for Nigeria and Nigerians. And when you expect hatred, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Instead, join the rest of Nigeria for the #GrowNairaBuyNaija and Drive Innoson or Nord 

Call with Glo 

Build with Dangote and BUA

Eat breakfast with Nasco 

Lunch and dinner with made in Nigeria rice, even if it has stones

Go on dates at Tantalisers and Suya spots

Drink Zobo 

Celebrate with palm wine

Fly Air Peace over Air France, KLM, or Lufthansa 

Shop at local markets 

Eat cassava bread over foreign wheat bread 

Watch Enyimba and Kano Pillars 

See Nollywood movies at Silverbird

Stream Nigerian music 

Wear aso oke, agbada, babanriga, or isi agu


By Reno Omokri

Gospeller. Deep Thinker. #TableShaker. Ruffler of the Feathers of Obidents. #1 Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years. Hodophile. Hollywood Magazine Humanitarian of the Year, 2019. Business Insider Influencer of the Year 2022.

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