2024 Oscars: Drama as John Cena storms stage almost naked

 2024 Oscars: Drama as John Cena storms stage almost naked

John Cena surprised audiences at the 96th Academy Awards with a memorable joke that involved nearly exposing himself on stage. 

The wrestler-actor made his presenting debut during the ceremony and referenced a streaker from a previous Oscars show. Despite some reluctance from host Jimmy Kimmel, Cena decided to emphasize the importance of costumes by awkwardly holding a giant envelope against his crotch.

Backstage photos obtained by The Times revealed that Cena was not actually nude during his presentation. He wore a skin-toned modesty garment to cover his rear and bare groin, ensuring that he did not violate any broadcast regulations. 

Despite the comedic nature of his stunt, Cena ultimately presented the costume design award to Holly Waddington for her work on “Poor Things.”

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The unplanned gag received a positive response on social media, with many viewers applauding Cena for his bold and humorous moment on stage. 

In addition to Cena’s stunt, other memorable highlights from the ceremony included a return to the five-presenter format, Ryan Gosling’s entertaining performance, and political statements from award winners.

The 96th Academy Awards aired live on ABC, with “Oppenheimer” emerging as the night’s big winner with seven awards, including best picture.

“Costumes are important,” he told the Dolby Theatre audience. “They are so important, maybe the most important thing there is.”

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