Paul Akintelure is dead… here’s what to know about Ondo APC guber aspirant

 Paul Akintelure is dead… here’s what to know about Ondo APC guber aspirant

Dr. Paul Akintelure, the All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirant for the Ondo governorship, has passed away, as confirmed by the APC spokesperson in Ondo State, Alex Kalejaye. 

Akintelure, a former medical doctor turned politician, had recently expressed concerns about threats to his life. 

His spokesman, Oladapo Akintelure, stated that despite the escalating threats, Akintelure remained steadfast in his commitment to justice and unity. 

Previously, he ran as the deputy governorship candidate for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in 2012 and contested for the Ondo South senatorial election. 

Akintelure, originally from Igbotako in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State, practiced as a private medical practitioner in Lagos.

Here are some key points to know about the late Dr. Paul Akintelure:

Frontline Governorship Aspirant: Dr. Paul Akintelure was a prominent figure within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State and was actively vying for the position of governorship.

Active in Politics: He was deeply involved in the political landscape of Ondo State, positioning himself as a contender for a significant leadership role within the state.

Scheduled for APC Primary Election: His untimely passing occurred amidst preparations for the APC governorship primary election, which was slated for April 25. His death has undoubtedly affected the dynamics of the upcoming political contest.

Raised Concerns about Threats: Before his demise, Dr. Akintelure had expressed concerns about threats to his life, both directly and indirectly. These concerns highlight the often perilous nature of politics in certain regions and the risks faced by those actively engaged in the political sphere.

Impact on Political Landscape: His death has likely left a void within the political community in Ondo State, potentially altering the course of the gubernatorial race and prompting reflections on the safety and security of political aspirants in the region.

His educational background

Academic Excellence: Dr. Paul Akintelure displayed exceptional intelligence and dedication to his academic studies throughout his educational journey. 

He excelled academically in both his primary and secondary education, achieving a Division One grade in the West African School Certificate Exams.

Medical Career: Dr. Paul Akintelure’s passion for medicine led him to pursue a medical degree at the prestigious University of Ibadan. 

He successfully obtained his MBBS in 1990, marking the beginning of his career as a distinguished medical practitioner.

Community Leadership: In addition to his medical career, Dr. Paul Akintelure was also a respected community leader. 

He was actively involved in promoting and advocating for various community initiatives and projects, demonstrating his commitment to the betterment of his community.

Personal Sacrifice: Dr. Paul Akintelure made the decision to decline offers from other institutions and instead opted for a rigorous A-level program, highlighting his determination to pursue his passion for medicine. 

This choice ultimately paved the way for his successful medical career.

Family Values: Dr. Paul Akintelure placed great importance on his role as a family man. He was blessed with four children and devoted time and energy to building a loving and supportive family environment. 

His ability to balance professional success with family values serves as a testament to his commitment and responsibility.

Hopeful Outlook: Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Dr. Paul Akintelure expressed hope that the situation would improve over time. 

His optimism and positive mindset demonstrate his resilience and belief in a brighter future.

Tragic Loss: The late Dr. Paul Akintelure experienced a heartbreaking loss when his father passed away in a road traffic accident. 

Despite this tragedy, he continued to persevere and excel in his academic pursuits, showcasing his ability to overcome adversity.

Educational Background: Dr. Paul Akintelure’s educational journey began at St. Anthony’s RCM School and St. Pius Primary School before progressing to Manuwa Memorial Grammar School. 

His academic successes and government scholarship demonstrated his commitment to education and personal growth.

 Professional Achievements

Financial Challenges and Responsibilities: After his father’s passing, Dr. Paul Akintelure had to support ten fatherless siblings, which posed significant financial challenges.

Scholarships and Recognition: Despite these challenges, in 1976, the Ondo State government recognized his potential and awarded him a scholarship. 

Additionally, the Igbotako Youth League provided another scholarship, highlighting his academic promise.

Teaching Position for Future Education: Dr. Akintelure’s proactive approach led him to secure a teaching position at Lubokun Comprehensive High School, Igbotako. 

This job allowed him to save for his future education, demonstrating resilience and commitment to his goals.

Academic Excellence: Despite the obstacles, Dr. Akintelure excelled academically, consistently securing top positions throughout his educational journey. 

He graduated from the University of Ibadan with an MBBS degree in 1990, showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Medical Career and Community Contributions: Beyond academia, Dr. Akintelure became a distinguished medical practitioner, contributing significantly to the well-being of the community.

Recognition and Titles: His dedication to education and community service earned him the titles of Otunba of Osooro-land and Otunba of Ikale-land, reflecting the high regard in which he was held by his community.

Inspiration and Legacy: Dr. Paul Akintelure’s life story is one of resilience, academic excellence, and community service. 

His journey from overcoming personal tragedies to achieving professional success serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals, both in the medical field and the broader community.

Life of triumph over adversity

Resilience and Determination: Dr. Paul Akintelure’s journey through university was marked by formidable challenges, including hunger, inadequacy, and poverty. 

Despite these hurdles, his resilience shone through, showcasing his determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

Leadership and Dedication: During his internship at General Hospital, Lagos, and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at the Comprehensive Health Centre in Ogunbayo, Abeokuta, Dr. Akintelure demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, dexterity, and unwavering dedication to his work.

Transformative Impact: Dr. Akintelure’s tenure at the Ogunbayo Health Centre was marked by a transformative impact, turning it into the busiest facility in the local government. This achievement underscored his exceptional work ethic and his ability to bring about positive change in healthcare settings.

Commitment to Excellence: His early professional experiences laid the foundation for a commitment to excellence that would define his medical career. 

Dr. Akintelure’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services became evident during his time at various healthcare institutions.

Establishment of Boad Hospital: Following brief stints at Island Maternity, Lagos, Dr. Akintelure achieved a significant milestone in his professional journey by establishing his private hospital, road hospital.

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This marked a pivotal moment in his career, reflecting his ambition and dedication to improving healthcare delivery.

Philanthropy, leadership, and political engagement

Leadership and Philanthropy: Beyond medicine, Dr. Paul Akintelure was known for his compassionate leadership, philanthropy, and involvement in local politics.

Traditional Titles: He was honored with the titles of Otunba of Ossooro-Land in November 2005 by HRM Oba Shadriack Gbadebo Bajowa, followed by Otunba of Ikale-Land in December 2007 by the Abodi of Ikale-Land.

Political Alignment: Dr. Akintelure’s alignment with the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) showcased his dedication to public service in response to community needs.

Commitment to Education: He demonstrated his commitment to education by providing scholarships to over forty-two students across various higher learning institutions.

Employment and Economic Development: As an employer, he contributed to job creation and economic development within his community.

Free Medical Services: Dr. Akintelure offered free medical services to indigent patients in Ondo, reflecting his public-spirited approach to healthcare.

Impact in Ondo and Lagos States: His initiatives significantly impacted healthcare accessibility and affordability in Ondo and Lagos states, making a positive difference in communities.

Social Transformation: Dr. Paul Akintelure’s background and initiatives positioned him as a transformative figure dedicated to liberating people from poverty, illiteracy, and disease in Ondo State.

His loyalty to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Loyalty to Progressive Ideals: Akintelure’s political career is characterized by his unwavering loyalty and dedication to the Progressive fold, notably under the leadership of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Role in Party Development: He played a crucial role in the development of the Democratic People’s Alliance (DPA) after the defeat of the Action Congress (AC) in Ondo State in 2008, particularly in Alimosho local government in Lagos State.

Electoral Success: Akintelure’s victory in the senatorial primary election for Ondo South against the incumbent Senator Hosea Oladapo Ehinlanwo marked a significant achievement, showcasing his political prowess.

Adherence to Party Decisions: Despite intending to contest the 2016 APC primary for the governorship, he stepped down at the request of party leaders, demonstrating a strong commitment to party decisions and hierarchy.

Trust and Recognition: His mention by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a long-time associate during a meeting with traditional rulers in Okitipupa highlights the level of trust and loyalty he has earned within the political landscape.

Accomplishments within APC: Akintelure’s political resume within the APC is adorned with notable accomplishments and recognition, including serving as the ACN deputy governorship candidate in the 2012 Ondo State gubernatorial election alongside Akeredolu.

Endorsement by Tinubu: President Tinubu specifically mentioning Akintelure as a long-time associate underscores his significance within the party, particularly in the southern senatorial district of Ondo State.

Legacy of Loyalty: The late Akintelure’s long-time association with President Bola Tinubu further solidifies the legacy of loyalty and trustworthiness associated with the Akintelure name in political circles.

May Dr. Paul Akintelure’s soul rests in peace. 

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