Overall best, family feud, and 3 other Nigerian game shows we can’t forget in a hurry

 Overall best, family feud, and 3 other Nigerian game shows we can’t forget in a hurry

Yes, we can’t deny that we love the streaming era where content has become as vast and thought-provoking as ever. Think of the thrilling roller-coaster that King of Boys is, or the unending drama and pitched battles on the back of The Real Housewives of Lagos.

Yet, Nigerian Game Shows will always remain an irreplaceable part of our content consumption, even in the streaming era, as they offer a simple and snackable way to unwind, relax and even win rewards.

From the good ol’ days to the latest hits, here are five game shows that we won’t forget in a hurry.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic game shows in Africa, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has been a cable TV staple, hosted by media personality Frank Edoho. With its high-stakes questions, engaging format and the unforgettable catchphrase, “Is that your final answer?” This show has been a thrilling experience for contestants and viewers alike.

Don’t believe it? Why not “Phone a Friend” to confirm?

Come Play Naija

Come Play Naija is a 60-minute game show format that involves two teams competing against each other for a chance to win millions of Naira and other surprise prizes such as a brand-new car.

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The show is divided into five segments with different games – Trivia games, Obstacle Course 1, Obstacle Course 2, Obstacle Course 3, and Spin the Wheel. Each segment will require one or more team members to participate in the games that are valued from 400,000 Naira to 2,000,000 Naira.

Hosted by media personality Hero Daniels, viewers could also take part in a home play edition to win cash prizes weekly.

Overall Best

Overall Best Celebrity Showdown, featuring a stellar lineup of fan favourite celebrities, influencers, and superfans, is a must-watch for viewers across the continent. Guiding viewers through the fun-packed episodes is everyone’s favourite TV girl, Osas Ighodaro, alongside host of now rested game show, Come Play Naija, Hero Daniels.

The star-studded lineup of competitors includes some of the entertainment scene’s most recognisable faces. Stars such as Liquorose and Beauty Tukura of BBNaija, foremost health and lifestyle influencer, Aproko Doctor, the “lawyer” we all turn to for questionable advice, Layi Wasabi, the star of series Wura, Scarlet Gomez, and notable media personality VJ Adams. The stars compete in teams alongside super fans in a

variety of games to garner points on the leaderboard every week. The cherry on the cake is that every prize received from the game show goes to a charity of the participant’s choice.

Overall Best is currently showing every Saturday and Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Urban and Africa Magic Family.

Family Feud Nigeria

The global franchise hosted by Hollywood actor and comedian, Steve Harvey, saw its debut season in Nigeria in October 2022, hosted by Bisola Aiyeola with her animated expressions and voice imitations.

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Pitting two families against each other in a friendly competition, Family Feud Nigeria’s survey-based questions and hilarious responses from contestants make this show a delight. The dynamics of family interactions and unexpected answers also add a comedic element to the game.

Arewa Game Show

Arewa Game Show, which premiered on DStv on December 23, 2023, evolved into the ultimate New Year spectacle, offering a relaxing weekend experience for both Hausa audiences and beyond. The show pits two teams against each other for exciting prizes and features engaging games such as the Game of Bags, Cup Pong, Flip Cup and culturally enriching trivia.

Apart from the ridiculous plays, the family bonding opportunities and the chance to win enticing cash prizes and rewards make it a favourite to audience. 

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