Aishat, the IBBU first-class graduate who defied the odds despite being married with 2 kids

 Aishat, the IBBU first-class graduate who defied the odds despite being married with 2 kids

Aishat’s academic odyssey began at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU), Lapai, culminating in her proud donning of the cap and gown in October 2022 as a first-class graduate. Despite agriculture being an unforeseen path, Aishat’s journey reflects resilience amidst challenges, supported by her husband, divine intervention, and a regimen of prayers and fasting.

In this interview, CrispNG interacts with Mohammed Aishat Egbako (Mrs) on her academic journey to a first-class graduate despite being married with kids. 

Navigating the agricultural landscape

 Aishat’s academic odyssey took root at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU), Lapai, where she proudly donned the cap and gown in October 2022 as a first-class graduate. However, her path to success in agriculture wasn’t initially paved with certainty. “Agriculture was neither my first nor second choice; it was given,” she shares. With her heart initially set on Biochemistry, Aishat faced the challenge of embracing a discipline she hadn’t initially sought.

Support systems and challenges

Amidst academic challenges, Aishat found solace in the unwavering support of her husband. “He never takes my academics for granted,” she notes. His understanding of her commitment reflects the shared dedication to her academic pursuits. Aishat’s gratitude extends to God, emphasizing that balancing family responsibilities and academic commitments was guided by divine intervention.

Balancing act: family, faith, and studies

The balancing act between family and studies was, in her words, “smooth,” a testament to resilience and dedication. Acknowledging the personal struggles, Aishat shares, “There were some, but I would like to keep it personal.” 

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Overcoming these challenges involved a regimen of “consistent prayers and fasting,” ensuring that personal battles did not impede her academic journey, even as she grappled with moments of depression.

Marital respect and generosity

Being a married woman, Aishat discovered, added a layer of respect to her personality. 

Acknowledging blessings

Expressions of gratitude extend to the man behind her success story, Dr. Umar Ahmed Egbako, is affectionately acknowledged. “He stood by me from the beginning to the end,” she expresses with gratitude. Her respect for him emanates from his generosity, kind-hearted nature, and unwavering support throughout her academic endeavors.

Aisha in a handshake with the former Governor of Niger State (Abubakar Sani Bello) during the conversation ceremony.

She also did not forget her husband, whom she thanked for his continuous presence. “Thanks, Dad!” she exclaims, emphasizing the significance of familial support.

Aishat also extends appreciation to her wonderful lecturers, recognizing their role in her academic journey.

Triumphs and Future Dreams

Aishat’s best achievement to date is an answered prayer — graduating as the overall best student, securing an appointment, and earning a scholarship. “ALHAMDULILLAH,” she exclaims, recognizing the divine hand in her success. 

Dreaming beyond graduation

Now appointed as a lecturer, Aishat continues to dream beyond her graduation. Her dream work of imparting knowledge aligns with her appointment and scholarship, providing an opportunity to further her education. 

However, uncertainties loom as she awaits the elusive appointment letter. “Put me in your prayers,” she implores, reflecting the anticipation and prayers for her continued journey in academia.

The challenges

Reflecting on her academic journey, Aishat contrasts the serene 200-level experience as a direct entry student with the challenges of 500-level, marked by the stress of pregnancy. “I almost lost hope,” she admits, but the resilience that defines her journey shines through. “Alhamdulillah,” she concludes, a testament to triumph over the strenuous and tiring moments.

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In Aishat Egbako’s story, every chapter unveils a tale of triumph, gratitude, and an unyielding spirit. Her academic sojourn, from choosing agriculture against her initial preferences to navigating family responsibilities and personal struggles, stands as an inspiration — a journey colored by faith, family, and an indomitable will.

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