Meet Salome Samuel, the multifaceted entrepreneur combining fashion, influence, and academic

 Meet Salome Samuel, the multifaceted entrepreneur combining fashion, influence, and academic

As an undergraduate entrepreneur, juggling academic pursuits with a burgeoning fashion design business showcases exceptional dedication. One has to seamlessly integrate classroom learning with real-world entrepreneurial challenges, embodying resilience and ambition.

In this interview, Crispng’s Hamzat Ibrahim Abaga interrogates Salome Biko Samuel, a multifaceted entrepreneur balancing fashion design, influence, and Biochemistry studies. She dives into her journey, revealing the passion that led her to entrepreneurship and the challenges she overcame to establish ‘StyleHub’, her globally recognized fashion brand.

Please tell us about you 

I’m Salome Biko Samuel, a fashion designer, influencer, and BioChemistry student at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai.

What made you go into business and why did you choose your line of business?

 I pursued business to follow my passion, achieve financial independence, and make a positive impact. Fashion was chosen for its creative outlet and my love for the ever-evolving world of style.

What challenges did you face when launching your business, and how did you overcome them?

 Challenges included competition, financial constraints, supply chain management, marketing, and keeping up with trends. Overcome by finding a unique selling point, financial planning, building strong relationships, comprehensive marketing, and constant innovation.

Can you share a notable success story or milestone in your entrepreneurial journey?

 StyleHub, my brand, revolutionized the fashion industry with timeless designs, vintage dresses, and a classic approach, building a globally recognized fashion empire.

What strategies do you use in selling your product?

 Strategies include building a strong brand, understanding the target audience, utilizing social media, offering exceptional customer service, participating in events, collaborations, and creating a seamless online shopping experience.

What strategies do you use for effective time management and productivity, especially factoring in schooling?

Prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, create a schedule, avoid multitasking, take breaks, and occasionally indulge in a vacation.

If you could choose, would you still have your current entrepreneurship skill? If Yes or No, why?

Yes, because fashion entrepreneurship allows me to express creativity, make a positive impact, and pursue my passion, providing constant opportunities for growth.

What plans do you have for the business now that you have graduated?

 As a 200L student, future plans include expanding my brand, creating new designs, strengthening online presence, exploring collaborations, and establishing StyleHub as a recognized name in the fashion industry.

As an entrepreneur, what lessons have you learned?

 Lessons include the power of perseverance, adaptability, the significance of building a strong network, and viewing failure as an opportunity for growth.

What advice do you have for the youths? Especially those doing a similar job as yours.

Believe in yourself, never stop learning, build a strong support system, and embrace failure as a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. Every setback is an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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However, this undergraduate entrepreneur not only excels academically but also thrives in the competitive realm of fashion design. Her ability to harmonize education and entrepreneurship underscores a promising future, where innovation, tenacity, and a passion for both learning and business propel her towards continued success.

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