Bracing the odds: Elisha Chebwawaza Gideon’s inspiring journey as an entrepreneur

 Bracing the odds: Elisha Chebwawaza Gideon’s inspiring journey as an entrepreneur

Embarking on the path of entrepreneurship or actively developing critical skills can open doors to a myriad of opportunities and shape a brighter future.

The entrepreneurial mindset immerses individuals in a world where problem-solving becomes second nature, creativity flourishes, and adaptability becomes a superpower.

These invaluable skills are essential in today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive job market, enabling individuals to drive innovation, embrace risks, and transform ideas into tangible reality.

What sets entrepreneurship apart is its ability to foster a robust work ethic, imparting qualities like resilience, persistence, and self-motivation. 

By honing entrepreneurial skills, not only does one enhance their employability, but they also cultivate a spirit that fuels personal growth, independence, and the ability to create a profound impact.

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In this report by, Elisha Chebwawaza Gideon, a visionary 23-year-old brand expert, creative strategist, social media manager, and CEO of 2000Brand, emerges as an inspirational figure. Through his brand, Elisha not only empowers himself but also seeks to uplift and empower others along his remarkable journey.

CrispNG: Tell us about yourself. 

Elisha: I’m Elisha Chebwawaza Gideon. A 23-year-old child of God, Gbagy Boy is a brand Expert, Creative Strategist, Social media manager, and poet.

CrispNG: What is ‘2000Brand’ all about?

Elisha: 2000BRAND is a Media company that has defiled the conventional kind of mass communication (Broadcasting, Public Relations, Advertising, and Journaling), providing businesses and start-ups with platforms to leverage on, connecting start-ups and businesses with the big merchants of their spheres aimed at profitability, creating, maintaining and sustaining the goodwill of a brand/company/organization with its customers/public.

The brand also aims to impact, build, teach, and educate young people to utilize their potential and become useful in society.

Some of the services we render are. 

Consultancy for brands/Businesses and start-ups, website and social media management,  personal and Exclusive interviews. Include, advertisement of Product, photography and video coverage, graphic design, branding, Brand Promotion, and Management.

Others are fashion Consultations, Styling, Accessories, production and Modeling, red carpet hosting, Event planning, management, and coverage.

CrispNG: We understand you are studying mass communication, what birthed the idea of ‘the 2000 Brand? 

Elisha: Okay… as a brand expert I’ve built So many brands, some failed and some succeeded. 2000BRAND started as JNRGRAPHIX as I realized I was limited due to the name. 

Then I was focused on graphics alone and I needed to expand my horizons when I  got to understand that it is no longer a man’s Vision. The JNRGRAPHIX started in 2017 and we changed to 2000BRAND in 2021. The brand existed before I started studying Mass Communication but the discipline helped shape my mindset differently as the journey unfolded.

2000BRAND, the name is a connection between Generation Z and Generation Alpha(the future of generations of Tech.) which is detailed in the logo of the Brand.

CrispNG: How long have you been in the business and what do you do at ‘2000 Brand’ specifically? 

Elisha: Into the business of brand personally it’s like 5 years. But with the name 2000BRAND, this is the third year. 

CrispNG: What do you specifically do at 2000BRAND?

Elisha: I am responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance a brand’s visibility, reputation, and market position. They analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to create effective brand messaging and positioning. 

I collaborate with various teams of the brand to ensure consistent brand communication across different channels. Ultimately, my goal is to strengthen the brand’s identity and create a lasting impression on the target audience Glory to God… all efforts are productive.

CrispNG: What does it take to be a CEO at this age and when did you learn the skill? 

Elisha: I will mention just 3 things God, Vision and determination, faith and Risk. 

CrispNG: Are there some prominent people you have worked for before now and who are your target audience? 

Elisha: They’re quite a lot… I worked with the Late. Former commissioner of sports Niger State. Hon. Emmanuel Duza. He was my cousin.

Others are OCC Nigeria, IAMBEST Networks, AMEBO media, ICIDAT Technologies, House7,  Flourish Specials, Dorcyberry, MUNA Empire, Laweppa Beauty World, and many more.

CrispNG: How much have you made in this business? 

Elisha: Well I’ve made a lot So far… not just in Monetary form but value and connections.

CrispNG: Is this your mainstay business or do you have other side hustles? 

Elisha: This is my mainstay. But not to forget I’m a productive farmer too.

CrispNG: What are some of the challenges facing you as a young entrepreneur? 

Elisha: Limited resources, uncertainty, competition, and Nigeria’s economy have been a challenge too, as time management and building a team (isn’t easy but thank God for God).

CrispNG: What is your advice to youths who are yet to take that bold step you have taken in your choice of career? 

Elisha: As someone who has taken bold steps in their career, my advice to youths is to follow your passion and pursue what truly excites you. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks and embrace new opportunities. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in your dreams. Remember, success often comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. Trust yourself and go for it!

CrispNG: We’ve come to a stage in our national journey where skills are gradually beginning to gain more spotlight than certificates. How do you think present-day students can strike a balance between the two to be relevant to society upon graduation, especially considering our rising unemployment statistics?

Elisha: Well for me I completely agree that skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s job market. To strike a balance between skills and certificates, present-day students, especially Nigerians, should focus on acquiring practical skills alongside their formal education. 

This can be done through internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, or taking online courses. Additionally, building a strong network and seeking mentorship can open doors to opportunities. 

By combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills and real-world experience, students can position themselves as valuable assets to potential employers and increase their chances of success in the job market.

I spend more on gaining knowledge and  I’ve undergone a series of Soft skills classes.

For my brand, I see 2000BRAND on the world stage, topping the stock market charts, projecting Not just Nigeria but Africa to the world.

Elisha is 400-level student at the Department of Mass Communication, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Niger State.

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