“The dangers of not wanting to fail”…How to Make Your Purpose Count (8)

By Orodiran Sunday

“The fastest means to success is purpose”

Sometimes, what keeps people down is within them. The common phenomenon is that most of us have different fears. We are afraid of one thing or the other. One big fear that threatens people is the fear of failure. Maybe, 95% of people living on earth are colonized by this fear. It’s only successful people that break out of its rule. People are afraid to take advantage of new opportunities, take new challenges, go to new lengths and do better things because they are scared not to fail. It’s correct that no one wants to fail. We all don’t like failure. I can’t lie to you by saying you should enjoy failure, but running from failure will neither profit your life.

You can either endure it courageously or step on it every time. Either way, you just need to do something and come out of your shell. I think, I have this feeling sometimes too. I am a perfectionist, I enjoy excellence and I don’t like to fail. At times I spend most of my times preparing for a challenge, but down within me something still tries to prevent me from taking the step. How do I overcome? I know my problem and I face it. Whenever, I feel this way, I double up my push. I try to generate more heat from within that ignites my actions. The thought that, I might succeed instead of failing pushes me to do something. Understanding that failure is not a crime but a way of telling you to do things better will help you to overcome your fear. Think about so many things, great ideas, lucrative thoughts that came to your mind but you waived because of fear for failure. Your life won’t experience any change once you let this fear rule your world. Break out today and start stepping on your fear. I have knocked the door of fear several times but no one answers. Please, face your fear.

Understanding that failure is not a crime but a way of telling you to do things better will help you to overcome your fear.

Today we are glad to continue from where we stopped in our last edition: Make Your Time Count. And in this chapter we have been considering the topic: Make Your Purpose Count. If you have missed any of our previous messages and you are keen to benefit from them, just kindly get in touch with us through our contact details and we shall attend to you in a jiffy.

Don’t forget we are on how to identify our purpose:

  1. Test Your Passion: As human beings, we don’t have equal passion for everything. No matter how strong you are, you can’t have the same passion for doing all things. There must be something you are so passionate about, something you can spend most of your life doing and won’t get bored. Your life is just ideal in doing one particular thing. That’s where your passion lies. You have to focus and know that it’s a signal to your purpose.

I have watched Cristiano Ronaldo very closely; I discovered he has high passion for soccer. He gets Ideal doing that. When you see him on the pitch, he plays with great enthusiasm and confidence, hence he records great success every day. That’s where his passion lies. He always wants to play soccer to entertain and get results. You have your baseline too. It might be in entertainment, ministry, motivations, politics, military, teaching and many more. The assurance that we have is that your life is without no indicator to your direction. There is something you are passionate about. This is a signal to your purpose. Where your passion is, there lies your purpose. Get yourself a sample test. You can ask yourself a question of passion: my life is ideal when doing______? Try to fill in the gap. Your ideal answer is your passion locator. You can generate many possible answers, and then narrow them down to one sensitive statement that captures your life. Don’t forget that, your passion and your purpose are in suspect pair. There is no meaning to your life when you don’t discover your purpose. Endeavour to read from us next week; you are making a choice that will take your life to a new level.

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