“The untold side of mistakes” …How to Make Your Purpose Count (9)

 “The untold side of mistakes” …How to Make Your Purpose Count (9)

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“The fastest means to success is purpose”

By Sunday Orodiran

Some years back, I had a talk with one of my friends who is a football player. I asked a question, “What is your greatest regret?” He looked at me and said, “My team lost a final because I refused to take a penalty kick. Tosin, I was afraid to make a costly mistake but I let the whole team down”. Most times we engulf ourselves with the fear of making mistakes. This often pushes us to the cliff of not taking necessary responsibility or doing the right thing. In my experience, I have realized that most of us are always mindful of what we do because we don’t want to be wrong.

However, life is not patterned this way. You can’t be right if you have never been wrong. What makes you a success is your experience in making right decisions and you can know right decisions only by experience. Ultimately, what forms your experience is the number of mistakes you have made. So, never be afraid to be wrong. Everybody in life makes mistakes. You can only be better when you have the right approach to the mistakes you make. Your mistakes are evidence that you are on the course of making a meaningful progress. Make a mistake, correct your ways, try again later and adjust your life. That’s the correct life approach. If you want to succeed, double your failure rate – Tom Watson.

Your mistakes are evidence that you are on the course of making a meaningful progress.

Today, we are glad to continue from where we stopped in our last edition: Make Your Time Count. And in this chapter we have been considering the topic: Make Your Purpose Count. If you have missed any of our previous messages and you are keen to benefit from them, just kindly get in touch with us through our contact details and we shall attend to you in a jiffy.

Don’t forget we are on how to identify our purpose:

  1. Think About the Time You Have Experience the Greatest Joy in Your Life: Another technique you can employ to identify your purpose is to conduct a joy review. Simply set aside about 30 minutes and make a list of all the times you’ve felt the greatest joy in your life. There are instances of things you have done that give you the ultimate joy in life. It could be a time you rendered help to your neighbors, a time you paid a charity visit to an orphanage, a period you set aside to motivate and encourage some set of people never to give up, a time you preached political righteousness to some of your colleagues, a time you led a team in your college or a moment you showed love to others. There could be a time you felt fulfilled in your life. Find a pattern among all these times and pick your green light. In my case, it was when I was teaching, and when I was inspiring and empowering people to go for their dreams and to have more love, joy, and abundance in their lives. Form your own pattern too and your purpose will become visible. Don’t forget we have earlier mentioned that joy is part of your internal guidance system telling you when you are on course. You can determine a lot about your life’s purpose from completing this joy review.

The only person that can stop you is yourself; never say never in life, you are too precious to be wasted.

Endeavour to read from us next week; you are making a choice that will take your life to a new level.

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