Dream a dream 2: How you can generate great dreams

 Dream a dream 2: How you can generate great dreams

By Sunday Orodiran

“You cannot be greater than your dream”

God is good to us for giving us this one more privilege to come together and share His meal. He is constantly in the business of wanting to dish out His personal mind to the available people who are ready to move from grass to grace. As we encounter him again, your life will never remain the same.

Last week, we established the necessity of an individual to have personal dream. We defined dream and how dream will give us the scope we need to become successful. However today, we want to further our discussion by talking on how do we dream?

Dream comes to human mind in diverse ways. In fact, there are some people who are very vast in having good dreams for their lives. But each person should have a specific method. Dream does not come to mind like that, it’s carefully developed. We need to create it. So many people do not know this. We don’t know that it’s our personal efforts that will generate dream for our future. You can’t be a dreamer when you don’t create a time to dream. Dream is consciously created. It comes when one tries to put some methods in place. It’s not everybody that dreams but it’s possible for all to dream. Among the eleven sons of Jacob only Joseph dreamed and he was the greatest among them. So, how do we dream? Let us discuss few methods:

1. Constant Meditation: So many times dream comes to the mind through thorough meditation. Meditation is the act of spending time in quiet thought. As a person you can develop your dream in the place of mediation. Spend your time to think about your future, purpose and things you can do to have a better life. Don’t just waste time doing unnecessary rather spend quality time with yourself to generate your life-scheme. Develop a habit of deep thinking, create a time for this and spend it alone. Your dream will surely come.

2. Prayer: Your dream can come during fervent prayer. There are many great men that received their dreams through prayers. When you are connected to the divine, your mind becomes clearer to receive programmes for your life. Do pray and pray about your life starting from today. Develop a habit of praying. God might drop something big into your mind during your prayer.

3. Constant study: Studying is part of many ways someone can generate a dream. When you begin to concern yourself about your natural ability, environmental problems and solutions, you will get inflected and get a super dream. Great people are studious. They are constantly studying; studying the word of God, studying books to develop their minds, studying their environment and searching for solutions to environmental problems etc. This enhances their reasoning capacity and generates great dreams.

Before we end our discussion today I want to let us know that our lives cannot be better than how we dream. You must dream a dream today in order to be successful. Just begin to picture yourself. Ask yourself questions, what do I see for my life? What do I see myself becoming? Develop answers to your questions, if you dream it, you can become it… “You cannot be bigger than your dream”

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