Why you need clarity about your purpose…How to Make Your Purpose Count (7)

 Why you need clarity about your purpose…How to Make Your Purpose Count (7)

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“The fastest means to success is purpose”


By Sunday Orodiran


I observed really well from my experiences and people I have talked to that people are eager to change their lives without wanting to change themselves. I have seen people who said “Tosin, I don’t know why I keep on doing it that way but I don’t have success”. Sincerely, the problem is not with what you are doing but the process of doing it. We choose one method to what we are doing and we keep on repeating the method without understanding the fact that once we keep on doing things in the same way, we keep on getting the same results.


It’s not wise to be adamant about your approach to life. We must be dynamic in our technicalities. We need to know that there is no one way to success. If you try one method and it doesn’t work, check other ways. What you are doing may be good but your method may be wrong. As you launch to this New Year, you need to change your course of doing things. Check what you did last year, analyze your approach to it, rate your result, try to improve on that, try new things, chart new course and make new move. If your last year is better or is the same as this year, that’s just a brilliant failure. Believe it, you shall succeed this Year.


We shall continue with the topic: Make Your Purpose Count. If you have missed any of our previous messages and you are keen to benefit from them, just kindly get in touch with us through our contact details and we shall attend to you in a jiffy.


Don’t forget we are on how to identify our purpose:


  1. Be Clear About Your Life Purpose: You need to be cleared about your purpose. Once you are cleared about this, the how we keep showing up. This might be at the moment or sometimes later. The major brain that needs to be held onto is fixing your focus on the purpose of your life. You need to know what you want or what you don’t want. There is an inner guidance that is installed in you. You must follow this every time. If you are on the right course your GPS will keep on informing you and if you are not, it will alert you as well. Sometimes you will be at peace in the course of your life; it’s a sign that you are on the right track.


And at times, you will be greatly troubled, when you feel this way, be careful, that maybe a signal that you are heading into a wrong way. No matter how it seems, you are not without a monitoring system. You just need to be well informed about how yours works. Study yourself and be sensitive to your move and how you feel about it. Your life is not hidden, don’t get tired, keep moving and be guided.

Don’t forget to read from us next week; you are making a choice that will take your life to a new level.


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