Life After Abuse Foundation appoints new advisory council to advance men’s mental health initiative

 Life After Abuse Foundation appoints new advisory council to advance men’s mental health initiative

Life After Abuse Foundation (LAAF), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to providing mental health support to men in need and advocating for the advancement of men’s mental health support, proudly announces the appointment of highly skilled professionals to its Advisory Council.

The new council members bring a wealth of experience and expertise, underscoring LAAF’s commitment to enhancing mental health support, particularly for men.

Afoma Chiegboka, an award-winning experienced storyteller with over 13 years of experience in the design industry, excels in Product Management, Operations, Business Writing, Editing, and Public Speaking. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree, further enriching her skill set as a communications specialist. Afoma’s adept storytelling abilities and comprehensive understanding of communication strategies will play a pivotal role in shaping LAAF’s narrative and effectively reaching out to men in need.

Femi Boboye, Managing Partner at Pelse Consulting, brings expertise in organizational development and strategic planning. His insights will optimize LAAF’s operations and maximize impact, ensuring efficient resource allocation to support men’s mental health initiatives.

Ikeoluwa Olatoke, a legal practitioner with experience at Damod Law Practice, specializes in legal research, negotiation, and drafting contracts. Ikeoluwa’s memberships in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators UK (ACIarb) and the Africa Young Arbitrators enrich LAAF’s legal framework, ensuring robust legal structures to support men’s mental health advocacy and services.

Immaculate Odekina, a Legal Practitioner with over 12 years of post-call experience, specializes in commercial/corporate law, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, energy law, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Her expertise will ensure LAAF’s compliance with legal regulations and facilitate the development of partnerships to expand mental health support for men.

Jeremiah Okpako, a business professional with over 15 years of experience in business development and sales across various industries, will strengthen LAAF’s outreach efforts with his strategic insights and extensive network. His connections will help amplify LAAF’s message and increase access to mental health resources for men.

Jide Ogunleye, an IT professional with over 16 years of experience, founded Ritemate Technologies, catering to clients like MTN, Stanbic, Mouka, Amber Energy, UBA plc, Fidelity Bank, Arik Air, and Nigerian Communication Commission. Jide’s expertise in technology and innovation will be invaluable in advancing LAAF’s initiatives, particularly in developing digital platforms for mental health support and awareness.

Mukhtar Halilu Modibbo, is a seasoned Governance, Transparency, and Accountability expert with a profound history of collaborating with marginalized grassroots communities across Africa. He is formerly a Youth Leader for the Global Partnership for Education and the Secretary General of Follow the Money, Mukhtar’s commitment to accountability resonates with LAAF’s mission to provide education, mentorship, and mental health support to boys and men globally.

Munirat Layeni, a Mental Health Professional with over 5 years of experience with the NHS and LAAF, served as a Partnership Strategist at LAAF for 3 years. With a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire, Munirat’s expertise in strategic partnership complements LAAF’s mission, fostering collaborations to expand mental health services for men.

Rotimi Aroge, the MD/CEO of Global Foremost Impressions Ltd, aligns his advocacy for drug-induced road accident prevention with the SDG. Rotimi’s commitment to road accident prevention earned him a finalist position in the University of Sussex qualifying 2024 Big Idea Contest (BIC). His dedication to public health and safety aligns with LAAF’s mission to provide comprehensive mental health support for men.

Temidayo Musa brings over 7 years of expertise in program management and communications, championing open data and citizen participation for enhanced community development. His experience will contribute to LAAF’s efforts to develop and implement effective programs for men’s mental health support, ensuring that services are tailored to meet the needs of diverse communities.

Yinka Olonode, with over a decade of experience in finance and investment, runs a SEC licensed Investment management company and a retail credit firm called Penny Lender. Yinka is a leading voice in investment management and humanitarian advocacy. His financial acumen will support LAAF’s sustainability and growth, ensuring continued access to mental health resources for men.

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The appointment of these professionals underscores LAAF’s commitment to advancing men’s mental health support and fostering a society free from stigma. With their collective expertise and passion, the Advisory Council is poised to drive meaningful change and empower men on their journey to healing.

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