2024 International Labour Day: Origin, fact, other details to know about the celebration

 2024 International Labour Day: Origin, fact, other details to know about the celebration

Annually, on May 1st, the global community gathers to commemorate International Workers’ Day, also recognized as International Labour Day. 

This day is dedicated to acknowledging the vital role of individuals across all industries and sectors. It extends beyond mere appreciation of their efforts to empower them with awareness of their rights.

In numerous countries, Labour Day is esteemed to the extent of being designated a national holiday

This provides organizations with the platform to initiate targeted campaigns aimed at enhancing the quality of life for their employees—a profound testament to the value attributed to the workforce.

Origin of International Labour Day

The roots of International Labour Day can be traced back to the late 19th-century labor movement in the United States. 

May 1st was selected to honor a nationwide strike for an eight-hour workday in 1886, which culminated in the regrettable Haymarket Affair in Chicago.

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This incident saw a peaceful labor protest turn violent due to a bomb explosion, resulting in the tragic loss of seven police officers and at least four civilians.

Facts About International Labour Day

  1. Despite International Labour Day tracing its origin to the commemoration of the Haymarket affair in Chicago, Labour Day in Canada and the USA is celebrated on the first Monday in September and not May 1.
  2. May Day is celebrated in more than 80 countries.
  3. In India, the first May Day was celebrated in Chennai (then Madras) in 1923 by The Labour Kisan Party Of Hindustan.
  4. Both Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day are also celebrated on May 1.
  5. Canada celebrated Labour Day in 1872, 10 years before the United States.

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