Be magnetic 4: How to attract the right network of people

 Be magnetic 4: How to attract the right network of people

By Sunday Orodiran

As we are moving gradually in this lesson, I am observing that God is willing to set connections out for some people. It might be you or someone else but what matters is that you need to possess right attitude before you can get the right output. Life is like a sower; your output depends on your input. I pray that you shall be connected. Today, we shall continue to look at how can someone attract right people (Here’s a link to the first three parts of the series).

  1. LEARN TO RESPECT PEOPLE’S PERSONALITIES: There is one thing that human beings have in common, we all have an iota of ego in our lives. We want to be respected all the ways. Nobody will choose to be where he/she is not respected.

We need to learn that lesson. Give your mind a place to accord respect to all human beings. Learn to honour everyone that comes your way. You can’t disrespect people and be expecting them to stay in your life. In order to let them stay on your network, you have to show them some love. Never give people a chance to feel dishonored. Learn to let people talk first, be attentive to their opinions, let them feel great about themselves, allow your inner mind to give them some praises, say good things about them and you will erect a very strong network full of great people around yourself.

  1. JUST BE A NATURAL GIVER: Everyone in life has to give in one way or the order. We must give because God has built this life around the circumference of giving. Let paint this picture; nobody has enough in life, even great nations can’t stand aloof. The same goes for great people. We have to depend on one another.

You give to others and they have you in their memories. It’s not how much you have that matters but how keen you are to give out of that little you have. The funny thing about giving is that you don’t have to be rich to give.

You can give in kind, emotion, experience, wisdom and a lot of ways like that. Don’t never wait for the time you have all the world before you can give. The only simple trick is that you should learn how to share what you have. This will go a long to connect right people to your network. Don’t forget that givers never lack.

  1. BECOME A NATURAL HELPER: People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. You have to get out of your comfort zone and help others. Everyone needs help in one way or the other. You must work with that idea. The best way to attract people so far is to learn how to help them. You must be a solution to their problem. Even if you don’t have the solution just pretend as if you have and build in yourself into the matter until you are able to find a solution. People are naturally like that, they will stay where they think they can find some helps when they are down. The more you solve their problems, the more you do yourself some good. You are writing your name in Bold on their minds, they will always put you first in their thoughts. The more you help the more you get people to help you.

We shall continue from here next week. Don’t forget that attitude is life, you live it. Until you begin to live like a magnet you can’t attract right people. God bless you.

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