Be magnetic: Why you can’t succeed with ‘I can do-it-alone attitude’ in a globalised world

 Be magnetic: Why you can’t succeed with ‘I can do-it-alone attitude’ in a globalised world

By Sunday Orodiran

Today is another planned opportunity to meeting you. I know today will open up some opportunities to grow and become a better person.  So, it’s my prayer that your life will not miss such opportunities that will change your story.

Today, we are checking on the topic that says; ‘Be Magnetic.’ There are different kinds of lives that we live on earth. Some live a life that dispels people from the corridors of their lives. Some live an isolated life that has no reference to anyone. Many of us live some kind of funny lives that debase our chances for success.

It’s become my great concern what should be the structure of the life we need to live in order to have high tendency to succeed. No matter how crude our society is, it’s a chained community. We live every day meeting different people and experiencing different lives. These people we meet in one way or the other have a wire that joins to other people.

This network continues to form a global connection that wires all of us together. It’s so funny to know that simple way to the top is to join this network. How do you join? The answer is to be more magnetic.

Magnet is a substance that has capacity to hold or attract metals. Magnet doesn’t just attract anything like that. It employs the principle of selectional restrictions. It attracts only materials that are necessary.

The same way our lives need to be. We need to be magnetic in life to connect to people that can shape our lives, focuses, goals and purposes. We must be attractive enough to select people. Some people in life don’t need anything than people that can just connect them. We all need each other for this reason at times. Life is a brand network; until you join the network you might not get hold of your destiny. We all have to be on the platform to join hands.

There are two sets of people that need to be addressed here: People who don’t bother to attract attention to their lives and people who attract wrong people. It’s become a case in my heart to understand that some people in life fail to attract attention. They think that they need nobody along the way.

So, they feel too satisfied about their do-it-alone-attitude. When I check a life like that, I always see a failure. Are you not part of them? See, God has constructed this life in such a way that you cannot live aloof. You need people to lift you. You need hands that can point to your direction. You need helps that will change your life. Most of us make mistakes by sitting somewhere; we fail to network right people.

Until you understand that you are meant for someone and someone is meant for you, in a nutshell, we are meant for one another, your live might never change.

Dear, starting from this moment let your mind be opened to understanding the fact that you need to attract. You must erase that do-it-alone attitude. Jesus as great as He is, would have become a host of failure if He refused to select right people into His ministry. David would have got no chance to escape the plot of the king if he was not a friend to Jonathan. Dear, your friend is a gift to network you to a site of success.

You must erase that do-it-alone attitude.

Don’t just think you don’t want to make friends. Go outside and meet people who are valuable to your life. Be tenable enough to hold people into your archive. The only meaningful life is a life that is full of positive people. Gets that understanding, stop limiting your chance, you must be connected. Don’t just walk alone and die alone. God has made someone for you; He has programmed someone to lift you. All you need to do is to connect to them.

So, be attractive, be magnetic.

We shall continue in our next series. Your life will never remain the same. You can do someone a favour by sharing this message and you shall be blessed.

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