Be magnetic 3: How to attract the right network of people

By Sunday Orodiran

Thank you today for making it a time to read from us again. May the Lord bless you in Jesus name. Last week we concluded that we would open today’s discussion with “what we can do to be magnetic.”

Really, there are few characteristics of a magnetic person. It’s natural that people love one another and we are naturally made to relate. But it’s not natural to relate with everyone.

I have observed that in our quest to select people we talk to, people that stay in our lives, our confidants and even our spouse, we have a kind of selective principle.

You can ask yourself, why am l in love with my wife? Why do I love my friend? Why do I make him my friend? Your answers to those questions might not appear solid, even you might not get some visible answers to them but they are your selective principles.

You have numerous people around you but you choose to strengthen your network towards a direction. This is just to tell us that we don’t connect naturally. We connect based on figures of character. Life is like a teller machine that can only pay you what you have in your account.

It’s what you have as an attitude that can interact with others and decide either to join your network or not. So, it’s necessary
for us to culture our character towards developing our brand network. How can you do that?

1. BE GOOD TO EVERYONE: Everyone we meet every day and every moment has something to do on our brand network. It’s paramount to learn how to keep everyone around for good. One of those ways of doing such is to be good to everyone at all times. You have to make life better for everyone you meet.

Deposit a memory that won’t be easy to erase. Sometimes you just have to go down to your attitude database and break some barriers before you can do this. We have to learn to be good. Be kind to all men, be meek to people, don’t be too harsh on them, make life meaningful when you are there, show them you care about them, be natural in your dealings, don’t take people for granted, put a smile on their faces, be concerned about their progress, don’t condemn them when they make mistakes because anybody can make mistakes, be an, encouragement provide solution to their problems, and do all goodies you can do.

When you are good to people, you give them a conscious ticket to become part of your life. The good you do today comes back to you tomorrow.

Do something that will impress your image on people’s lives. This is one important characteristic of a magnetic person. God will do wonders in your life this week.

You can do someone a favour by sharing this message and you shall be blessed.
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