10 negative things Atiku’s ally Bwala said about Tinubu, APC before joining party

 10 negative things Atiku’s ally Bwala said about Tinubu, APC before joining party

Daniel Bwala, spokesperson for Atiku Abubakar’s 2023 presidential campaign, expressed support for President Bola Tinubu during a visit to the State House in Abuja.

Despite his People Democratic Party (PDP) affiliation, Bwala commended Tinubu’s decisions, highlighting governance cost-cutting policies and unbiased handling of alleged ministerial infractions.

In this report Crispng.com would highlight 10 negative things Bwala said about Tinubu and All Progressive Congress (APC):

Accusation of Prioritizing Politics over Unity

Bwala criticized APC for choosing a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the 2023 presidential election, alleging that the party prioritized political considerations over values like inclusivity, tolerance, common prosperity, and diversity.

Denigration of APC Members’ Intelligence

Bwala made a sweeping and derogatory statement suggesting that individuals’ brains stop functioning effectively once they join APC, undermining the intellectual capabilities of the party’s members.

Doubt on Tinubu’s Economic Competence

Bwala questioned Tinubu’s ability to address economic issues effectively, asserting that even with 30 years in office, Tinubu would not be able to make a positive impact on the economy, casting doubt on the President’s economic competence.

Skepticism about Government’s Timeframe

Bwala expressed skepticism about the government’s ability to deliver results within a specific timeframe, arguing that the President’s eight months in office represented a significant portion of his term, yet there were concerns about achieving tangible results.

Comparison with Previous Administration

Bwala drew parallels with President Buhari’s previous terms, suggesting a lack of confidence in the administration’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver on promises based on past experiences.

Critique of Policy Fundamentals

Bwala raised concerns about the fundamental problems with the government’s policies, emphasizing that time is irrelevant when there are issues at the core of policy formulation, indicating dissatisfaction with the current policy direction.

Call for Tangible Deliverables

Bwala emphasized the need for practical results and deliverables, stating that Nigerians are weary of rhetoric and desire to witness tangible improvements in various sectors rather than abstract discussions.

Challenge to APC’s Economic Agenda

Bwala faulted the President’s budget, suggesting that it failed to align with the intended agenda and echoing the sentiments of economists who questioned the efficacy of the economic plans put forward by the government.

Prediction of Extended Tinubu Presidency

Bwala predicted an extended presidency for Tinubu, but with a negative connotation, implying that without a strong opposition coalition, Tinubu would remain in office for eight years, suggesting a lack of faith in the current administration.

Distrust in APC’s Internal Dynamics

Bwala advocated for opposition parties to form a strong coalition, insinuating that there are problematic elements within various political parties, including APC, and hinting at a lack of confidence in the internal dynamics of these parties.

Bwala’s journey from APC critic to praising Tinubu showcases a nuanced political landscape. 

His commitment to good governance transcends party lines, emphasizing the importance of policy over personal grudges.

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As Bwala bridges political divides, his dedication to supporting Tinubu’s administration adds a unique dimension to Nigeria’s evolving political narrative.

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