Kaka: What to know about Caroline Celico, who divorced her husband for being ‘too perfect’

 Kaka: What to know about Caroline Celico, who divorced her husband for being ‘too perfect’

Caroline Lyra Celico, former wife of AC Milan legend Kaka, disclosed that she ended their marriage because she felt he was “too perfect” for her. 

Despite being childhood sweethearts and sharing a decade-long marriage with two children, Celico sensed a void in their relationship due to Kaka’s perceived perfection. Their divorce in 2015 led them both to new marriages. 

Celico emphasized that Kaka never betrayed her and provided a wonderful family, but she couldn’t find happiness, attributing it to his flawlessness. Meanwhile, Kaka, known for his brilliance on the football field, transitioned through Sao Paolo, AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Orlando City, alongside a decorated international career with Brazil.

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His excellence, particularly during his time at AC Milan, culminated in Champions League and Ballon d’Or triumphs. Kaka found love anew with Carolina Dias, welcoming a daughter and announcing their engagement, marking a new chapter in his personal life.

Things to know about Caroline Lyra Celico:

  • Born on July 26, 1987, in São Paulo, Brazil, to Rosangela Lyra and Celso Celico.
  • Childhood marked by her parents’ divorce at the age of six, primarily raised by her mother, who worked at Christian Dior S.A.
  • Experienced bullying during her childhood.
  • Attended St. Paul’s School in São Paulo.
  • Met her ex-husband, football player Kaká, in 2002 while still in school.
  • Married Kaká on December 23, 2005, in São Paulo.
  • Became a pastor at Kaká’s church, Reborn in Christ Church, before leaving in 2010.
  • Resided in Madrid and Milan while Kaká played for Real Madrid and A.C. Milan, respectively.
  • Divorced Kaká in 2015.
  • Engaged to Eduardo Scarpa Julião in 2020, married on September 25, 2021, in São Paulo.
  • Founded the non-profit organization Horizontal Love, supporting Brazilian NGOs with food, hygiene, construction, and education supplies.

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