Veteran Nollywood actor, Zulu Adigwe is dead… Here’s what to know about him

 Veteran Nollywood actor, Zulu Adigwe is dead… Here’s what to know about him

The Nigerian film community, Nollywood, is once again in mourning following the tragic death of its esteemed actor, Zulu Adigwe, which was announced on social media by movie producer Stanley Nwoko today.

Adigwe’s demise comes just two weeks after the heartbreaking loss of Junior Pope and three other Nollywood actors in a devastating boat accident on the Anam River while en route to a film shoot. 

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Adigwe, renowned for his portrayal of paternal figures, achieved acclaim for his iconic role as Mr. B in the beloved sitcom “Basi and Company” and also left his mark in the successful 2019 film “Living in Bondage.


Things to know about Zulu Adigwe:

Career Highlights: Known for paternal roles in Nollywood movies, Adigwe gained fame as Mr. B in the sitcom Basi and Company, and he featured in the 2019 blockbuster Living in Bondage.

Early Life: Born in Enugu, Nigeria, Adigwe spent his childhood there before moving to Austria for primary and secondary school.

Education: Adigwe studied French and German before briefly pursuing Medicine. He later returned to Nigeria after his father’s death and enrolled at the University of Ibadan, where he studied Theatre Arts and graduated with First Class Honours.

Acting Journey: Adigwe’s interest in acting began at a young age, and he made his earliest TV appearance in Basi and Company, replacing Albert Egbe as Mr. B.

Musical Endeavors: Adigwe’s portrayal of Mr. B included performing the show’s new theme song and releasing an album, “Mr. B Makes His Millions,” in 1990 under Polygram Nigeria.

Filmography: His first movie was “Blood of the Orphan,” which earned him acclaim. He also starred in “Living Abroad” in 2004, directed by Elvis Chuks.

Checkmate: Adigwe was among the original cast of Checkmate in 1991, playing Monday Edem in the pilot episode, though the role was recast after production moved to Lagos.

Overall, Adigwe’s career spanned multiple mediums, from television to film, showcasing his versatility and talent in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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