Things to know about new Kano emirate council law

 Things to know about new Kano emirate council law

The Kano State House of Assembly has recently passed the “Kano State Emirate Council (Repeal) Bill”, 2024 (1445 A.H), marking a significant shift in the state’s traditional leadership framework.

The legislation aims to uphold the historical legacy of the Kano Emirate while addressing the controversies stemming from the 2019 law.

Here are the key highlights of the new legislation:

1. All previous laws regarding the Kano State Emirates Council, including subsequent amendments, have been completely repealed.

This effectively ends the legal framework that established new emirates and changed traditional governance structures.

2. The five newly created emirates, which were established under the repealed 2019 law, are now abolished. This means all positions and titles created under these emirates are null and void, reverting the system back to its pre-2019 status.

3. Traditional titles and positions that were granted under the now-repealed 2019 law will be reverted to their previous roles, provided those roles were part of traditional customs before the enactment of the abolished law.

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This is aimed at restoring the historical and cultural norms of the Kano Emirate.

4. The Governor of Kano State has been given authority to take necessary actions to restore the traditional emirate system to its state prior to the 2019 law.

This includes reinstating previous powers and structures that were in place before the controversial reforms of 2019.

5. The Commissioner for Local Government is responsible for overseeing the transition process.

This involves managing assets and liabilities of the abolished emirates and ensuring a smooth transition back to the traditional structure.

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