#Sorosoke (Episode One): Butterflies

 #Sorosoke (Episode One): Butterflies

At Lekki Toll Gate, We Found Love, Sex And…

By Ikenna Amadi

The air was blue, feet clustered in rhythmic patterns, dusts created orgasmic fogs, voices rent like an orchestra, placards raised with vigour, birds chirped the dry sky, cars held to standstill, as roadblocks altered movement. This was the toll gate as the evening sprinkled a buzz.

I could feel my sweaty palms send signal to my brains, while I peered through the area. Excitement burst through me as I could see exotic cars parked in front of the toll gate, with fresh young guys beaming.

My core flushed, as their skin glowed under the evening sun. I was dazed, with my heart warmed at crazy thoughts. The lekki toll gate since the protest began, had been the Mecca of this nationwide protest. Luckily for me, this Mecca had all shades of rainbows, the guys!

It was evening, and the toll lights were put on, there was a makeshift stage being created by young men, while foods were shared. The atmosphere lit like a carnival, while ladies of all shades, trooped like bees searching for honey.

“Babes, this night will be damn freaky. Are you seeing guys? Celebrities are on their way too. Ciao! ” That was Olivia, my sexy rogue friend. Her eyes lit as she hungrily scanned for fresh looking guys, for Olivia, this was beyond a nationwide protest, it was a means to satisfy her fiery urge for fun.

Soon, we could hear a loud crazy instrumental from a giant speaker mounted on the makeshift stage, as more bodies moved towards the cenre of the toll gate. I could see the shiny flood lights pointed at the stage, while there was a huge shout of excitement from everyone, the beats continued. Bodies moved to the beat, while flags were raised, you could hear excitement mixed with zeal, ghost through the air, as the evening sun gave way to sister moon.

While the beats blared, alcoholic drinks were shared, flames danced through the sky as some thrilled themselves with cigarettes, others hemp. My palms greased intensely, but my core tickled with excitement, again.

“Ese, you need to join this grooving. This is where it is happening. Forget Moses, that guy is a loser. Here, you will find a sure lekki guy that you can hookup with. The night just started.”

Olivia said excitedly as she dragged me into the sea of bodies gyrating with splattered dusts, smoked air, as liquored scent dizzied my senses.
While the beats blared, excitement from the protesters kept raising like a well reahearsed choir bazz, as we could see thrills plunge through bodies, while my mind drifted.

I was heartbroken, Moses, my ex dumped my living soul, with every fragments of my heart meshed with silver spikes. I could feel the hot surge of pain pierce through my heart as Olivia mentioned his name again, while my skin shrunk, I felt I needed to dance a new tune.

“Hemp” I strangely asked a young man for a wrap of marijuana, his bearded face beamed as he passed one to me, while Olivia kept scouring for preys. She twisted her waist seductively to every beat, while guys lustfully stared at her, and me. We could hear a familiar voice on the stage, while there were screams of excitement.

“Dj switch!!!!” My tummy danced, butterflies kissed my navel, as I heard her familiar voice urging the youths to continue with the protest. It was pure class, when she talked, the crowds cheered untill she boozed us with her discjockey vibes. I was already wild with excitement, the hemp smoke flew from my lips with blue vigour, my eyes plastered reddish core, my skin spiked with thrill, as I shared a cup Hennessy with Olivia.

While the beats continued, my eyes peered at young guys and women having bliss. I could see a young lady grind her waist on a guy, another guy was locked in a sensual kiss with a chubby lady, there was purple dust splattering as my core sprinkled excitement.

Then, just like an angel with an Anthony Banderas face, his voice jolted me from my view. There he was, his frame dwarfed my being, his carefully shaved face stared at me pleasantly, his eyes flared, while his cologne sprinkled pinkdust in my lungs.

“Hey beautiful, why are you alone?”
I jolted as I realized Olivia had left me. I could feel the sudden splash of disappointment in my body, but I knew Olivia, she had searched for her fun, and here I was, in the middle of the toll gate, filled with strangers, protesters, some glued in their bliss, others gingered with the beat as they screamed sorosoke, bodies splattered as they tell different struggles, and here I was, dwarfed by a fresh looking man, with his bright eyes peering through mine. My limbs weakened, I was strangely wet, again.

“Uhmmm, I was with…” I stuttered.
” Yes, your friend I guess. She went with my friend. They are over there” He pointed at an isolated space where exotic cars where parked. My eyes lit with fire, and he noticed.

“I am Zulu and you are?” “Ese” I said softly. The hemp and Hennessy were sowing seeds in my senses and made me soften. I had a light head, and my feminity got flared up with a dose of alcohol. I was that light.

Zulu smiled at me, his broad smile made my heart melt as I could see the fondness in his eyes. I offered a hand, while I followed him. We got to the spot where those exotic cars were parked, as a Venzer sport classic put off its light, that was a signal.

I could feel a tingling sensation with Zulu, his calmness, elegance, and calculated movements blew my mind, it was Anthony Banderas in play. My Lekki Banderas!

We leaned on the lush bonnet of his car, while my eyes raced at the direction of Olivia’s voice, who laughed childishly at Zulu friend’s jokes. Olivia was such a whore to any man with a coated skin. I felt relaxed with Zulu, while we talked and laughed over everything. His voice was like a tenor cord in my soul, his laughter purged joy from heaven, the night felt perfect.

While the beats continued, with different celebrities thrilling the crowd, I was lost in my world with Zulu. His gaze burnt my soul, his lips twirled my senses while he talked, I was dazed in limbo, as my fire crept in. Then gunshots, as the whole toll gate froze in silence.

…to be continued

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