Sheggz: I can kneel in public to beg my woman… why men should apologise to their partner 

 Sheggz: I can kneel in public to beg my woman… why men should apologise to their partner 

Segun, also known as ‘Sheggz,’ a former BBNaija contestant, shared in an interview with Clout Africa his willingness to publicly apologize to his partner, emphasizing the importance of a “real man” being able to beg for forgiveness and fight for the relationship. 

He clarified that he would only kneel in public if he believes his partner deserves it. Segun, who is in a relationship with Bella, another former BBNaija housemate, began their romance during their time on the reality show in 2022. 

Despite the obstacles they’ve encountered, they remain the only couple still together from BBNaija season seven. Last July, they celebrated their first anniversary as a couple.

“I can kneel and beg. In my own yard, in my house, who is seeing me? I can even kneel in front of people on the road, I don’t care, if you are that deserving,” he said.

“If you are not that deserving, I am not going to do that. But if I feel like I’ve made a mistake and losing you is because of my mistake then I am gonna apologise.

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“I am going to fight for it regardless of what it is, that’s a real man. If you can’t do that for your woman then I don’t really know what you are on.”

Reason why men should knee and beg their partner when they are wrong:

Demonstrates humility and sincerity: Kneeling and begging can show genuine remorse and humility, signaling to your partner that you acknowledge your mistake and are sincerely sorry for it.

Respect for the relationship: It communicates to your partner that you value the relationship enough to swallow your pride and make amends, reinforcing trust and mutual respect.

Strengthens emotional connection: Acts of vulnerability like kneeling and begging can deepen emotional bonds by fostering empathy and understanding between partners, leading to a stronger connection.

Encourages forgiveness and reconciliation: Such a display of vulnerability can soften your partner’s heart and make them more likely to forgive you, paving the way for reconciliation and healing in the relationship.

Sets a positive example for conflict resolution: By demonstrating a willingness to take responsibility for your actions and seek forgiveness openly, you set a positive example for handling conflicts constructively, promoting healthier communication and resolution strategies in the relationship.

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