Photos: Some TV series stars then and now

 Photos: Some TV series stars then and now

Paige Hurd

In the heart of Hollywood, where lights illuminate dreams and fame casts its shadow, lies a captivating tale of generations intertwined by the silver screen. 

This is a story that transcends time, weaving through the golden eras of television, where stars rise and fall like constellations in the night sky.

At the center of this narrative are the iconic figures of television series past and present, whose faces have graced our screens, captivating audiences across generations.

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From the innocence of childhood to the wisdom of adulthood, their journey unfolds like a scripted drama, each frame capturing the essence of their evolving roles both on and off-screen.


The TV series and their actors/actresses

Read Between the Lines: 

A comedy-drama series that follows the lives of two couples and their families as they navigate the ups and downs of relationships, careers, and parenthood.

Alix Lapri


Sleepy Hollow:

A supernatural drama that reimagines the classic tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, blending historical elements with modern-day twists as they battle evil forces in the town of Sleepy Hollow.

Amanda Stenberg

Stranger Things:

A nostalgic sci-fi horror series set in the 1980s, revolving around a group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana, who encounter supernatural occurrences, government conspiracies, and a mysterious girl with psychokinetic abilities.

Millie Bobby brown

Everybody Hates Chris:

A sitcom inspired by comedian Chris Rock’s childhood experiences, depicting the challenges and humor of growing up as an African American teenager in Brooklyn during the 1980s.

Tyler James

Paige Hurd

Let It Shine:

A Disney Channel original movie that follows a young rapper who competes in a songwriting contest to pursue his dreams while navigating challenges related to identity, friendship, and self-expression.

Coco James

True Jackson:

A Nickelodeon comedy series centered around True Jackson, a teenager who becomes the vice president of a major fashion company’s youth division, balancing her high school life with her professional responsibilities.

Keke Palmer


A gritty crime drama that delves into the complex world of drug trafficking, politics, and betrayal in New York City, focusing on James “Ghost” St. Patrick as he attempts to leave his criminal past behind and build a legitimate business empire.

Michael Rainey jr

Game of Thrones:

An epic fantasy series based on George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, known for its intricate political intrigue, complex characters, and epic battles as noble families vie for control of the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Massie Williams



A sitcom that follows the Johnson family, led by Andre “Dre” Johnson, as they navigate the challenges of being an upper-middle-class African American family in a predominantly white neighborhood, addressing social issues with humor and heart.

Masai Martin


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