Joe Flaherty is dead… here’s what to know about late actor and comedian

 Joe Flaherty is dead… here’s what to know about late actor and comedian

Comedian and actor Joe Flaherty, known for his versatile talent across stage, television, and film, has passed away at 82. 

With a career spanning nearly 50 years, he retired in 2018. Flaherty’s comedic legacy includes memorable roles in “Happy Gilmore” and “Back to the Future 2″. 

His death was confirmed by his family, prompting tributes from peers like Adam Sandler, who fondly remembered Flaherty’s humor and kindness.

“The nicest guy there was. A comedic genius. And a real charitable soul. The perfect combination. My love to his kids and thanks to Joe for all the greatness he gave us.”

Here’s what to know about the late Joe Flaherty:

  • He was a beloved comedian and actor known for his work on “SCTV” and “Maniac Mansion.”
  • Flaherty was considered the elder statesman of his comedy group and played a pivotal role in Second City’s presence in Toronto.
  • He was an original cast member of the “SCTV” series, known for its scripted content but also valued for Flaherty’s improvisational skills.
  • Eugene Levy, his colleague, highlighted Flaherty’s ability to make others break character with his comedic genius, especially when he got a mischievous look in his eyes.
  • Flaherty’s improvisational talents were legendary, and he often brought unique and unexpected elements to scripted scenes.
  • Levy praised Flaherty’s contributions to “Maniac Mansion,” emphasizing his knack for enhancing scripted material with his own creative ideas.
  • Flaherty’s comedic sensibilities were described as unique, with an ability to bring fresh perspectives to any subject matter.

Read also:

  • He began his career in the 1970s, performing on small stages and gaining a following with his jokes.
  • Flaherty’s breakthrough came when he joined Second City, a renowned improvisational theater group in Toronto.
  • He achieved significant success in Toronto by the end of the 1970s.
  • Flaherty transitioned to radio, becoming part of the National Lampoon Radio Hour, where he worked alongside prominent celebrities like John Belushi, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray.
  • He later shifted his focus to acting in films, appearing in notable works such as “Back to the Future 2” and “Happy Gilmore,” showcasing his comedic talent.
  • Flaherty’s final acting credit was in 2012 when he portrayed Mayor Andrews in the E1 Entertainment show, “Call Me Fitz.”
  • His cause of death is undisclosed, but it was mentioned that he had been battling a brief illness before his passing.

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