Nigerian graduates should think beyond acquiring certificates only – Kehinde, CEO, Kennis Clothing

 Nigerian graduates should think beyond acquiring certificates only – Kehinde, CEO, Kennis Clothing

When Kehinde Afuye, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kennis Clothing better known as KC left school years ago, he only wanted one thing: to pursue his passion and make a career out of it.

Though a computer scientist, by his course of study in the university, the native of Ekiti State in south-western Nigeria, is doing exploits in the fashion landscape.

In this chat with CRISPNG, he reflects on his passion for fashion designing and clamour for youths inclusion in politics in Nigeria.

Let’s get to know you more

My name is Kehinde Afuye from Ekiti state. I am a graduate of computer science from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Ondo State

How did Kennis Clothing come about?

Kennis Clothing (KC) came as a result of inspiration as well as my love for fashion. At KC, we ensure creativity and use of quality fabrics to produce amazing fashion designs for our customers. Just like our motto: “Creativity our passion.”

What can you say about the unemployment level in Nigeria?

As at 2019 the percentage rate of unemployment in Nigeria is 23.1 %. Most times, the government claims our graduates are not employable. If truly they are unemployable, then the government should look into the academic structure (Lecturers, facilities, among others). Many of our educational institutions still operate obsolete school curriculum that are out of touch with reality.

Some so called practical-oriented institutions don’t have a standard laboratory for their students. How do you expect those students to perform in such an environment? If our graduates are unemployable then the government should make us employable. Our government need to build industries but nothing of such is happening. Even the old industries are not functioning anymore. What then are we talking about? The government should show seriousness by establishing industries and creating sufficient employment opportunities, before complaining the graduates are not employable. On the other hand, our graduates should also go the extra mile in their various fields of study to learn beyond their routine academic activities.

Using your own experience, do you think there are job opportunities in Nigeria?

Job opportunities in Nigeria are tiny (an indication that you need to know people before you can secure a lucrative job). Some people are under employed just to manage but when it comes to getting a job you need to know people to secure the job.

There are many people calling for youth inclusion in politics as the quick fix to the leadership crisis in the country. Do you belong to this school of thought?

Yes. It’s just unfortunate that old men have been dominating Nigerian politics since independence. People in their 80’s and 70’s. Youths should be involved in politics because they still have fresh ideas and innovations required to bring about the desired change in the country.

What is your advice to youths in Nigeria?

My main advise is that youths should think of how to make themselves employable. The graduates should know that acquiring certificates no longer enough. Also, youths should learn how to monetise their passion.

Below are some works done by KC:

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