All men are cheats!

 All men are cheats!

By Miracle Udeagha

This sentence is what I’ve been hearing of recent from virtually everyone I know.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday after we watched the video of Beyonce’s “Hold Up”. And she went like “I really don’t care if my boyfriend cheats. Cos I know he definitely will. Infact I want us to sit down, gist and laugh about it. I don’t have the energy to be heartbroken about it. I’d really just be cool with it”.

We argued for few minutes about this. Obviously I had a totally different opinion about this. How can I be cool with cheating when I give my all to this guy? My love, my heart, my body. And then he would share all these with other girls and we’d sit down and laugh about it? In what world does that happen?

My friend kept laughing at me for getting so emotional. She was like “Babe, this is how men are. You either beat them or join them. You better wise up o. No time for unnecessary heartaches.”

I was left speechless after that. And I’ve been thinking since then about all these which is why I’m writing about it on the blog.

I’m trying to come up with reasons why we should be living in a society where “cheating” is now seen as “normal”. I don’t know whether its our generation or the fact that some girls have gone through so many heartaches and are just tired of all the drama and so take every relationship as it comes. Or whether its cos guys who cheat aren’t dealt with accordingly and so they just keep up with it.

I have absolutely no idea why “cheating” is becoming normal. And it makes me wonder about those who have actually found true love but won’t be able to see this cos they believe cheating in relationships is inevitable.
What happens to them?

Are we now saying there are no good men left? Cos if “all men are cheats” then it means there are no good guys out there. Or are they?

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