Kudos Falz, this is indeed Nigeria!

 Kudos Falz, this is indeed Nigeria!

Much to people’s chagrin, a Hip-Hop star has taken the bull by the horn to show his complete distaste on the state of the nation.

By Ikenna Amadi

When Nigerian music maestro Fola rin Falana popularly known as Falz, released his version of Childish Gambino’s music satire ” This is America” Nigerians opened their mouths not in shock but in awe at the show of strength from the renowned rapper.

The song ” This is Nigeria” revealed the decadence that has be-devilled the Nigerian society.  Falz took centre stage by sarcastically highlighting all the hypocrisy that has marred the current administration.

Much to people’s chagrin, a Hip-Hop star has taken the bull by the horn to show his complete distaste on the state of the nation.

From insecurity to an hypocritical war against corruption which has seen political opponents of the administration being witch hunted. The carnage of the present government incapability to rescue the Dapchi school girls was also ridiculed with a set of ladies on hijabs dancing the famed pop step SHAKU SHAKU. It doesn’t get worse than that!

Falz was blunt in his satirical tirade against the Nigerian government and society as he reminded the president of his shameful remark that Nigerian youths are lazy, while pointing out that these youths who are products of an epileptic society with no laid down plans from the government to better their lots, still improvise means to survive.

The ridiculous nature of the country was also highlighted in this song with Falz throwing a direct shade at the system that has completely failed while also revealing in his lyrics the ingenuity of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) whose barbaric infringement of Human Rights have been a scourge in the society. While also revealing the already known truth that we live in a country where the rich people have a way of rescuing their kids from the long arm of the law when they are apprehended by security operatives. That is if indeed the Nigerian law has a long arm!

This satire gained momentum when Falz duly gave the police force a real blow by pointing out that they close by 6pm, for security reasons. Where in the world does that happen?

The police force as an institution has been a laughable force within and beyond the borders of Nigeria, and the YouTube sensational inspector general of police, Mr Idris, did not help matters as he globally made a mockery of himself, the force, the government and the nation at large by fluffing his speech which has tagged him Mr Transmission.

This is Nigeria, is a masterpiece which has reminded Nigerians that there is need to stand up and correct the growing shame that this country is masked under, as the country’s image is taking a huge batter.

Falz, has given us a satirical piece, shockingly coming from a young man who was born from a prestigious family, the son of a renowned senior advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has shown his intellectual side rather than the normal jams and paparazzi that comes with the pop culture. He has shown his skill in social justice movement with this satirical piece, and one can beckon on other Nigerian artistes who have kept mute at the worrying state of the Nigerian society by consistently channelling all their energy on women in bikinis, hard currencies, champaiggnes, expensive chains etc, all of which do not explain the real mess, that Nigeria is turning into.

The pop lawyer has given us a piece and this article must be ended in a satirical note that asks: ” How do you explain a nation that has pastors touching female breasts during deliverance session? and how do you explain people paying tithes and suffering in penury while their pastors enjoy luxury?”

This is indeed Nigeria!

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