How you can rule your world with a positive mindset

 How you can rule your world with a positive mindset

The mind is indeed a great weapon either for construction or destruction, it all depends on how you choose utilize it.

By Chiamaka Ajeamo

One of the greatest asset God has given to mankind is the mind. The mind provides us with the avenue for rational thoughts. We all have it but not everyone utilizes it positively. The mind is where all innovations, inventions, ideas, and opinions are first birthed before they metamorphose into reality. The mind is indeed a great weapon either for construction or destruction, it all depends on how you choose utilize it.

I see the human mind as a computer.  It will always dish out what you dished in. There is no magic about this process. Therefore,  for something worthwhile to emanate from your mind, you have a role to play by investing good ideas,  positive seed thoughts and information into it.

Your actions towards situations and issues of life are a result of what your mind processes about them.  Yes! Your attitude towards success, failure, health, love,  hatred,  happiness and so many others are birthed from the information you feed your mind on as regards them.  Perception on these matters lead to decisions, decisions then lead to actions.

Some people lack the ability to be positive minded as a result of the kind of relationships they keep, the environment they find themselves in and the kinds of information they are exposed to.

A positive mindset always give out positive actions. Just dare to stay positive constantly and watch your actions become what you want them to be.

How do I align my mind towards positivism, you asked?

Here are some vital steps of mine that work for me anyday, I’m sure they will work for you too:

* Begin each day with a positive seed thought and hold onto it. Daily as you dress your body, dress your mind as well.

Whenever you feel an iota of negativity trying to build up in you, kill it immediately by speaking positivity into yourself. Words are powerful be it negative or positive ones. There is virtually nothing you cannot talk yourself into. You can talk yourself into joy, happiness, faith, hope, love, high achievement, the list goes on but your mind has to process it first.

Speak out to your hearing “I can pass this examination, I can do great things, I can love, I am a wonder to the world,  I am a success,  I have great possibilities inside of me and I will let them manifest.” Then watch your thoughts and declarations dovetail into what your mind carries.

We have dominion on earth as men and it is God given. So, use your power of thought and speech to shape your actions.

* Expose yourself to friends and families who are positive thinkers.

* Read books that will drive you to think positively about yourself and life generally.

*Expose yourself to constructive television, radio and online programmes as well as discussions.These will greatly help shape your perception about things.

Never forget, actions are loud.This is why people are mostly judged by their actions. We become what we consistently cultivate in our minds thus, our actions are taken as a result of our mindsets.

Keep thinking negative of yourself, negative actions will emerge. You see positivity in who you are then, positivism is seen in all your actions. It is no magic,what you feed your mind with, that it will give back to you. You cannot cultivate bad seeds then expect good fruits.

Continue to live in a positive realm, your actions will always show the world your mind.

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