INTERVIEW: ‘I can’t say no to God — Gospel singer Sage discusses music career, debut song

 INTERVIEW: ‘I can’t say no to God — Gospel singer Sage discusses music career, debut song

Sage, a fast-rising Nigerian gospel singer, has an unrivalled passion for music.

From turning heads in the church choir as a child to churning out special numbers effortlessly on Sundays, music has remained an integral part of him for years.

However, it never seemed like something to make a career out of all along.

Not anymore, though.

Sage, whose real name is Solomon Ebong, has rekindled his love for music, and this time, he is taking it a step higher.

The rising gospel singer is set to drop his debut song titled ‘Higher’ on April 21, 2024.

In this interview with CrispNG, he opens up about his love for music, debut song, challenges, and other issues.

Tell us more about yourself

My name is Solomon Godwin Ebong, going by the name SAGE, which is a coinage of my full name as well as a reference to the Biblical King Solomon who is reputed to have been a wise king.

I am a graduate of Mass Communication from the Department of Mass Communication, University of Nigeria Nsukka. I am from Akwa Ibom State. A lover of music, worship and the study of the Word of God.

You studied mass communication at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), what informed your foray into music?

Music has always been a path I love. Write from childhood, I used to sing in the choir, as well as sing special numbers and church. Then when I knew that this was a calling was when God started dropping songs in my heart during my quiet time and sometimes randomly, anywhere.

Fully complete songs. I’ve never sat down to compose a gospel song. It just comes. I receive and now I want to give those songs out, so the whole world can hear them. I love Communication and I have practiced for some years now, as well as other sojourns but I believe this is what God wants me to do. I can’t say no to Him.

What inspired your debut song, ‘Higher’?

The song “Higher” was inspired out of a heart of thanksgiving for all the mercies of God. I was actually in the studio recording another song when God dropped it in my heart. I just had to run with it and recorded it immediately.

Tell us more about the song — theme and other things you intend to communicate

The song is a praise song, acknowledging the mercies of God and His kindness and love towards us. Even when we go through a lot, he is write there to bear us in His arms, thus taking us to higher ground.

What challenges did you experience while producing this song?

Asides finances, the main challenge I faced working on this song and others on the album was time constraints. Due to the nature of my secular job and the hours I work there, I had to record all through the night most times and then go to work from there, hungover from sleep deprivation. It was a very trying phase but I return all glory to God for making this happen eventually.

Are you planning to take music seriously or it’s something you want to do occasionally?

Yes, from here on out, I need to start taking this journey and calling seriously. There are souls to be won, lives to be transformed and this gospel of Christ needs to be spread as far as possible, even to the ends of the earth. Wherever He sends, I’ll go. Whatever He says, I’ll do, to His glory.

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What has been the reception like from your friends and fans since you announced the project and music career?

You know how it is with doing something. There’ll always be both sides of the coin: encouragement and criticism (in this case, not the constructive kind). But this is God’s work and if He has mandated you to do it, you’ll need to.

But on the most part, friends, family and well-wishers have spurred me on with words of encouragement and pieces of advice here and there. I really appreciate the love. God bless them so much and make this song a blessing to them and others.

What will you say to other aspiring gospel musicians like you trying to find their feet out there?

I’ll advice other gospel music ministers to not relent. It’s tough but with God, we’ll keep winning. Just make sure you’re working in His purpose, else you’ll be shooting blanks or could be led astray.

Thanks for having me

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