Four Messi’s records Cristiano Ronaldo may never surpass

 Four Messi’s records Cristiano Ronaldo may never surpass

For a considerable amount of time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been at the forefront of football greatness, constantly pushing each other to reach new levels.

Although both players have a long list of accomplishments to their credit, it’s hard to determine which records Lionel Messi currently holds that Cristiano Ronaldo may never be able to surpass.

This post, however explores a few incredible records that Lionel Messi possesses and that Cristiano Ronaldo might never be able to top. These records span from incredible goal totals in a single season to an unprecedented four consecutive Ballon d’Or victories.

Most Goals for a Single Club

Messi’s stint in Catalonia was possibly the greatest one a player has ever had at any club. He scored an incredible 672 goals in official competitions while playing for FC Barcelona thanks to his devotion to the team which obviously, paid off.

Because of his steadfast dedication and prolific goal-scoring ability, he became Barcelona’s all-time top scorer. Given Ronaldo’s career history of switching to elite teams, breaking this record might prove to be an impossible feat for him.

Most Goals in a Calendar Year

Messi in action for Barcelona

Messi stunned the football world in 2012 by scoring 91 goals for his club and country across all competitions, setting a record. This incredible accomplishment included goals in friendlies, international competitions, domestic leagues, and domestic cups. Ronaldo might have trouble breaking it due enormity of the record and the need for constant, excellent form all year long.

Most FIFA Ballon d’Or Wins in Consecutive Years:

Messi’s four straight FIFA Ballon d’Or awards from 2009 to 2012 attest to his constant brilliance during that time. Even though Ronaldo has won the coveted trophy five times overall, he has never before won the award for more than two straight years. This record presents a serious challenge for Ronaldo because of the competition right now and his age.

Messi wining his eighth Ballon d’Or award

Most El Clasico goals – 26

Messi continues to hold the record for most goals scored El Clásico. At its height, this match may have been the best pure football match ever played. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona is always an intense match between two titans that is not to be missed.

Messi in an El Clásico game

Ronaldo, his fiercest opponent, was unable to come close to him on this one either; he has scored 18 goals in Real Madrid’s El Clasico matches.

Messi has set records that may stand the test of time. While Ronaldo’s legacy is undoubtedly illustrious, certain records set by Messi (like the ones above) may remain beyond his reach.

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