10 Saudi Pro League records Ronaldo is likely to break

 10 Saudi Pro League records Ronaldo is likely to break


Portuguese professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, is considered by many as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Ronaldo signed a contract with Al Nassr Football Club in December 2022 and moved from Manchester United to the Saudi Arabia Super League.

Ronaldo has won many titles and individual honors throughout his career, including five Ballon d’Or accolades. He has represented elite teams including Juventus, Sporting Lisbon, Real Madrid, and Manchester United.

CrispNG examines some of the records Ronaldo could break at Al-Nassr and the Saudi Pro League given his penchant for setting and shattering records.

1. Most goals scored in a single season

An impressive record that Ronaldo could break in the Saudi Pro League is the most goals scored by a player in a single season. Currently, the record is held by Moroccan Abderrazak Hamdallah, who netted 34 times in the 2018/19 season.

2. Most goals scored in consecutive games

Mahmoud Bukhatir currently holds the record for the most consecutive games scored in with 12 games. Ronaldo has a decent possibility of breaking this record in the future given his consistency in scoring goals.

3. Most assists in a single season

Currently, the record holder for most assists in a single season is Abdelmalek Ziaya who provided 16 assists during the 2007–2008 campaign. Ronaldo stands the chance to break this record due to his great playmaking and dribbling abilities.

4. Most game-winning goals in Saudi Pro League history

Fahad Al-Muwallad, who scored 14 game-winning goals throughout his stint in the league, currently holds the record. Al-Muwallad’s record might be surpassed by Ronaldo because of his propensity for scoring in important and high profile games.

5. Portuguese highest goal-scorer in Saudi Pro League

The most notable Portuguese player to have played in the Saudi Pro League over the years is perhaps Andre Carrillo, who presently with Al-Hilal and holds dual Peruvian and Portuguese citizenship. But former Al-Batin player, Fabio Abreu, is the Portuguese player who has scored the most goals in the league with 25, and that’s a total that Ronaldo can certainly match.

6. Most right-footed goals in Saudi Pro League history

Ronaldo stands a chance to surpass the mark for most right-footed goals in the league history thanks to his strong right foot. Yaseen Al-Bakhit currently holds the record with 99 goals scored with the right foot.

7. Most goals scored in a league game

Sami Al-Jaber scored six goals in Al-Hilal’s eight-goal victory over Al-Raed in 1990 campaign, which till now remains the most by any player in a single Saudi Pro League game. Given Ronaldo’s eye for goal, this seems like a feat he is very much likely to reach or ecen surpass.

8. Fastest player to score 100 goals

Currently, Omar Al-Soma holds the record for the fastest player to reach 100 goals in Saudi Pro League, having accomplished this feat in just 86 games. If the former Real Madrid star continues to score at a comparable rate, he, could break this record considering he is renowned for his prolific goal-scoring skills.

9. Most goals and assists combined in a Season

Omar Al-Soma currently holds the record with a season total of 35 goals and 14 assists. If Ronaldo has an outstanding season in the Saudi Pro League, which is possible given his tremendous goal-scoring and playmaking skills, he may surpass this record.

10. Most hat-tricks in a season

Hicham Aboucherouane, who scored six hat-tricks in a season, currently holds the Saudi Pro League single-season record for hat-tricks. Given his talent and propensity for scoring goals, Ronaldo has the chance to surpass this mark.

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