Enugu Govt And The Ongoing Road Rehabilitation

 Enugu Govt And The Ongoing Road Rehabilitation

By Obum Eze

It is gladdening moving around Enugu metropolis and seeing that Enugu State Government under Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has in its usual, traditional and habitual policy of continous maintenance of existing basic infrastructure and construction of new ones in the state, commenced massive rehabilitation of dilapidated sections of roads across the metropolis.

The project which commenced since the rainy season subsided is ongoing in major roads and streets across the state capital and its environs.

It would be recalled that some sections of the roads developed potholes at the peak of rainy season and became a source of stress and worry to road users and residents of the state. Some who were critical of government for not fixing these potholes forgot that it would be tantamount to waste of scarce resources attending to the problem during rainy season.

Although, it was observed that the state government carried out some urgent and remedial works on some of the portions that were too bad and inaccessible during the rainy season to assuage the difficulties being faced by the people.

While the ongoing massive road rehabilitation is creating some traffic snarls and challenges across the city, the beauty of it is that the work is being carried out properly and the contractor is working diurnally and nocturnally to complete the work in time. Enugu remains in the hands of God.

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