Unmasking Victor Nnam’s Social Media Strategy/ Hirelings

 Unmasking Victor Nnam’s Social Media Strategy/ Hirelings

By Kenechi Ogwu

In his known unstable attitude of always being controversial, dubious mischievous and economical with the truth whenever he is caught in a mess, the embattled ex- Enugu State Commissioner for Lands and Urban Development, Dr. Victor Nnam, has resorted to using proxies and hirelings to polish his character and reputation on social media.

This is an attempt to launder his already dented and questionable image and cover up his misdeeds in office as Commissioner.

His adoption of this crude approach of using proxies and pawns to fight on social media which is typical of him is not unconnected with his sudden realisation that his afterthought and preemptive exit and sins have continued to hunt him.

Many have since come to terms with the truth that his hurried exit from office has a lot to with the fraudulent deals that was his lot in the office. This is following the shocking disclosures of his illicit activities at the Ministry of Lands which has shown that his holier- than-thou exit is a fluke and fake.

As a drowning man that will not like to go down alone, some of his hired hirelings have been belabouring to present his hurried exit as heroic, uncommon and altruistic. Unfortunately for them, the more they push the false narrative, the more it backfires.

As a drowning man that is already down, but will never like to go down alone, he has changed tactics. In order to attract undue sympathy for him, his plebeians want to drag Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and his siblings into his self-inflicted predicament.
In an article published in a psuedo online media- Champion Newspaper with the titled “Deconstructing Ugwuanyi’s Government In Three Paragraphs” which has no byline or writer’s name, the article tried to interrogate Ugwuanyi’s innate taciturnity and humility, which he has been known with from birth.

That Ugwuanyi is not loquacious, lousy and noisy is not a weak point. That has been his strength and unique attribute. He has achieved a lot without being noisy.

That he is not talking at all times and on all issues of public interest does mean that he is not decisive, assertive and proactive. He is and has steered the ship of leadership in Enugu to the good, wellbeing and joy of the people. Ugwuanyi’s taciturnity is not a thing of today. It has been there. He is not expected to start learning left hand at old age, just to please Nnam’s pawns. It is not possible.

Have Nnam’s social media jobbers forgotten the saying that empty vessel makes the greatest noise? Ugwuanyi is not empty and cannot be noisy about his government and its activities. His works and deeds speak for him and are staring at the faces of Ndi Enugu.

They enjoy, acknowledge and appreciate it. That is why they have remained cooperative and supportive of him and his government.
Many leaders and people have said so many things right, but done majority things wrong. What makes a man is what he does right and not just what he says right.

Ugwuanyi is and has been mindful of this in his political leadership career right from his days in the House of Representatives, where he effectively represented his constituents and constituency for 12 years before becoming Governor in 2015. He achieved these leadership exploits and giant strides without blowing his own trumpet or being a swashbuckling.

The office of the Governor is an exalted office that deserves respect and honour. It is not a motorpark or market where noise is the order of the day. Great leaders are not known for being loquacious and noisy. Action speaks louder than voice. Ugwuanyi is a man of action and little words. The style has worked for him and still working.

Nnam and his social media spin doctors or anybody shouldn’t expect Ugwuanyi to mount podium to speak on Nnam’s preemptive exit, when there are other pressing and urgent state matters Ugwuanyi is attending to. Nnam’s controversial and hasty exit as Commissioner for Lands is the least of the things people expected Ugwuanyi to speak on.

This is especially when Nnam’s stewardship is being investigated by appropriate and relevant authorities. Government is an institution and there are procedures and processes of doing things.

Ugwuanyi speaking on Nnam’s exit will amount to undermining his government and demeaning his exalted office.
Nnam’s statement on his hurried exit that he proposed for GIPS reforms in lands, but was not allowed to carry it out is laughable and hypocritical of him.

This is the same Nnam who after after his failed attempt to blackmail Enugu State House of Assembly members on social media went to them on his bended knees in a recorded video session, pleading and recanting that he never said he was stopped from implementing GIPS reforms in the ministry.

He rather said the GIPS reforms could not be implemented by government due to lack of funds as a result of the dwindling government revenue. How do people believe a questionable character like Nnam that is vacillating and double speaking consistently.

On Nnam’s spurious claim that he resigned because workers in his Ministry were redeployed. It is quite unfortunate and disappointing that a man of Nnam’s academic qualifications and exposure does know the simple rules of civil service.

Is it not a case of procuring academic
certificates without the simple, required and common knowledge of civil service legal rules? Who does know that civil servants are redeployed from ministry to ministry from time to time by the government?

Who does know that it is within the constitutional powers of a Governor to appoint, redeploy and sack an appointee including a commissioner whose office or appointment is not tenured constitutionally? When did it become the right of a Commissioner to choose the civil servants he or she will like to work with as wanted in Enugu by Dr. Nnam?

Where did a Commissioner derives such power and what motivates a Commissioner to push for such if not for a planned, deliberative, collaborative, entrenched and conspiratorial fraud against the people, government and the state? Is Nnam’s baseless, careless and spurious outburst in that direction not a clear case of self-indictment and display of outright ignorance?

Nnam and his collaborators should wait patiently for the outcome of the investigation being carried on their activities in the ministry.

When the ongoing investigation by Enugu state government is concluded and made public, Nigerians will know where to place Dr. Nnam and his afterthought resignation.
No amount of social media laundering of Dr. Nnam’s battered image and name calling of Governor Ugwuanyi and his government will not save or prevent Dr. Nnam from being properly investigated and unveiled.

The Enugu state government we know will provide him a level playing ground to account for his stewardship. Instead of engaging in a wild goose on social media platforms, he should quietly go and account for his deeds in office with incontrovertible evidences to buttress his infantile claims.

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