YANGG launches 9th edition of She Leads Project to ’empower Africa’s future’

 YANGG launches 9th edition of She Leads Project to ’empower Africa’s future’

The Young Africans Network for Global Goals (YANGG) proudly announces the commencement of the 9th edition of the She Leads Project, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to empowering young female leaders and entrepreneurs across Africa.

With a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and gender equality, the She Leads Project is poised to cultivate a generation of influential changemakers primed to catalyze positive transformation within their communities.

At its core, the She Leads Project seeks to foster a vibrant community of young leaders armed with the essential skills, knowledge, and values necessary to tackle the pressing challenges facing Africa. Through strategic development, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the project aims to empower participants to become trailblazers for sustainable progress.

“We firmly believe that investing in the leadership potential of young women is pivotal to unlocking Africa’s full potential,” remarked Kelechi Ndieze, President of the Young Africans Network for Global Goals.

“The She Leads Project serves as a pivotal platform for young female leaders to hone their leadership abilities, expand their networks, and effect tangible change in their communities.”

This year’s She Leads Project is themed “FLIP THE SWITCH: Developing Women for Sustainable Development,” highlighting the critical role of empowering women as drivers of sustainable development continent-wide. By prioritizing women’s empowerment and leadership, the project aims to forge a more equitable and prosperous future for Africa.

Key objectives of the She Leads Project include:

  • Cultivating a Thriving Community of Young Leaders: Attracting and engaging young leaders to actively participate in the project, fostering a dynamic movement dedicated to empowering women and driving positive change within their communities.
  • Establishing Robust Learning and Networking Opportunities: Designing and implementing a comprehensive framework offering targeted training, continuous learning, and strategic networking opportunities to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to catalyze impactful actions.
  • Facilitating Mentorship and Skill Development: Creating a structured platform within the She Leads Project to facilitate mentorship programs, ensuring that young women receive personalized guidance, skills development, and valuable insights to emerge as influential changemakers.

The She Leads Project extends an open invitation to young female leaders and entrepreneurs from across Africa to apply and partake in this transformative initiative. Applications are now being accepted, and interested individuals can learn more and apply by visiting https://bit.ly/SheLeadsProject.

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