What’s EPL Hall of Fame? All to know as John Terry, Andrew Cole become latest inductees

 What’s EPL Hall of Fame? All to know as John Terry, Andrew Cole become latest inductees

The Premier League has grown to become one of the most recognised football leagues in the world since split off from the Football League in 1992.

Since then, the English premier league has consistently been regarded as the largest—if not the greatest—domestic football league in Europe. It eventually grew to such a size that it no longer even required a title sponsor.

The Premier League management declared the establishment of a Hall of Fame in 2020 in honour of such worldwide fame. With the complete list of inductees, Crispng has all the information you need about the Premier League Hall of Fame.

What is the Premier League Hall of Fame?

The Premier League Hall of Fame honours and celebrates the best players to have played in the league. It is the highest honour awarded to individuals by the League.

A player’s career in the Premier League is the only factor taken into consideration throughout the selection process, and only retired players are eligible for the Premier League Hall of Fame. An engraved medal bearing the year of their induction is given to each Hall of Fame inductee.

The Premier League allowed fans to select their favourite players to be acknowledged for their accomplishments in the division and to be officially introduced as part of its new Hall of Fame in 2021.

There have been many legendary players who have made their mark on the Premier League. After thirty years of pure football and entertainment, the league management decided to compile an official list of the greatest players that have ever played in the Premier League.

Along with Ashley Cole in the 2024 batch, Andrew Cole and John Terry are some of the newest icons to be included.

Who’s in the Premier League Hall of Fame?

As of April 2024, 23 players including two managers have been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

2021 Inductees:

Alan Shearer (Blackburn, Newcastle)

Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

Eric Cantona (Leeds United, Man. Utd)

Roy Keane (Nottingham Forest, Man. Utd)

Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)

Frank Lampard (West Ham, Chelsea)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

2022 Inductees:

Patrick Vieira (Arsenal, Man. City)

Wayne Rooney (Everton, Man Utd)

Ian Wright (Arsenal, West Ham)

Peter Schmeichel (Man. Utd, Aston Villa, Man City)

Paul Scholes (Man. Utd)

Didier Drogba (Chelsea)

Vincent Kompany (Man. City)

Sergio Aguero (Man. City)

2023 Inductees:

Sir Alex Ferguson (Man. Utd)

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)

Rio Ferdinand (West Ham, Leeds United , Man. Utd, Queens Park Rangers)

Petr Cech (Chelsea, Arsenal)

Tony Adams (Arsenal)

2024 Inductees:

Ashley Cole (Arsenal, Chelsea)

Andrew Cole (Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Fulham, Manchester City)

John Terry (Chelsea)

What’s the criteria to get into the Premier League Hall of Fame?

Players needed to have fulfilled one or more of the following requirements in order to be considered for a spot on the shortlist for the Premier League Hall of Fame:

– Participated in at least 250 Premier League games

– Participated in 200 or more Premier League games for a single team.

– Been selected for any of the 20-Year Anniversary or Team of the Decade squads

– Won a Golden Boot or Golden Glove in the Premier League

– Won three Premier League titles and was selected as the league’s player of the season.

– Scored at least 100 goals in the Premier League (outfielders)

– Kept at least 100 clean sheets in the Premier League (goalkeepers)

Only a player’s Premier League performances are taken into consideration, and candidates must have retired.

How do you get inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame?

Every year, the Premier League selects two players to be inducted: Wayne Rooney and Patrick Vieira in 2022, and Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry in 2021.

The public can then cast their votes on the Premier League’s website and social media accounts, and a panel will then be presented with another list of players to choose from.

How to vote for Premier League Hall of Fame inductees

Fans can vote for their Hall of Fame nominees on the Premier League’s official website when the voting windows open.

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