Weird Questions to ask on a first date

 Weird Questions to ask on a first date

By Nwele Euphemia

Meeting new people is exciting but going out on a date with someone new is super exciting. You ponder on what to wear, what to say, how to behave and literally start creating question formations in your head. Questions that you probably would forget once you arrive to meet your charming date.

As the lady, you try to put away all bad habits so you appeal to him, or you could decide to be blunt and wild (giggles); the guy however, stacks up cash in his pocket or makes sure his card is functioning because he isn’t sure the kind of woman you would be, expensive or classy.

Either way, our first dates are thought of and comes with series of preparations, ugh! I bet the tricky but interesting part of the date is after the food and wine, when you both want to talk while seating or taking a walk, wanting to talk and get to know each other better, talking to know how compatible you both are together.

This is the point where you run out of questions and stare into space. However, I put together some intriguing but weird questions that you could ask or not ask (your choice! ‘cause they could make you uneasy) on the first date.

1. What is your genotype?

Knowing if you both are compatible from the outset is important, you wouldn’t want to be head over heels in love or have her pregnant before you find out. It is better to find out so it helps you further define the relationship. That way, you know that what ever you do is intentional.

2. What is your body count?

Most people feel it isn’t your business to know this, but then this question comes with energy, you have to read your date’s energy and predict her/his reaction before asking.

3. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done for love?

Oh yea! This is an interesting question but it also gives you an insight of what your date sees love as. Whether love is a sacrifice to them or a play thing.

4. What is the best WiFi name you have seen so far?
5. If best food was your worst food, what is your best food?
6. Is pizza a shawama?
7. What is the sexiest and least sexy name?
8. What is that thing you think everyone looks stupid doing?
9. How do you feel about putting your best food on your worst food and eating?
10. Toilet paper, over or under?

I laughed hard while compiling this, I hope you did too while reading. These are questions that leave you wondering what your date possibly would need the answers for, and that is why they are weird.

Look here! Some individuals meet up for the first time and they bond, they generate a unique chemistry, one that leave them asking themselves if they have met previously in a former life. So, to people like that asking some questions like this is fun, and interesting.

To them it gives something more than the usual, to talk about. There are no judgements and no sentiments. But I advise you to avoid questions like this on a first date or even after the first date, if you know you cannot handle the truth that comes with it.

Do not also ask questions like the above if you know your date might not understand where you are coming from, no one wants a slap on the face. Some persons find questions like the ones mentioned offensive, so if you perceive even slightly that your date might react badly. Please avoid asking.

I know some persons find asking the above questions on a first date as absurd, right? So, please let me know how absurd or not you think these questions are I really would love to hear it. Comment, like and share; I remain euphe_mya on Instagram.

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