Understanding Marriage Vows (Concluding Part)

 Understanding Marriage Vows (Concluding Part)

By Nwele Euphemia

Today on marriage vows I share with you ‘Renewal of Marriage Vows’. Flowers die when you starve them, relationships and marriages die when you starve them of the manure they need to grow. If you are not happy in your marriage, it is not always because you married the wrong partner.
It is either because of what you are doing or what you are not doing. Treating your spouse right leads to a happy bond and a happy marriage, it takes the both of you to make your marriage work.

The both of you need to work together, walking in the true meaning of partners to see to the success of your marriage, your home would not crumble when you both hold it up.

Marriage covenant is designed to meet both partner’s needs, it is not a design for just one person to have his way, but so that both partners would be fulfilled.
Your marriage covenant can be renewed yearly or in seasons, according to your agreement with your partner, you both on understanding this can decide when to renew your vows.

Whatever you really want your husband or woman to improve on is something that you both can talk about and include in your vows yearly, you both need to agree about it, and be sure to write is in a pleasing way.

Express your desire in your marriage, your ability to be expressive helps your partner know what to do par-time. You both need to make commitments that would guide your marriage, and make it work.

Fulfilling the written and said commitment shows how important your spouse is to you, you make out time to work out things for the one you love. Your husband/wife should form a basic part of your life priorities.

If you care about your marriage you will be willing to make it work. Committing yourself again and again serves as a reminder for you, to understand why you choose to be married and why it should work. It serves as a benchmark for rating how much have been done and how much work still needs to be done.

Despite this, it is important that you know that the crown and highlight of the vow or commitment is you including that one thing that you know withing yourself that you need to improve on, your spouse doesn’t have to highlight it for you, there are attributes that you know that needs to be worked on, so you should commit yourself to working it out.

The difference between a successful marriage and an unsuccessful one is the commitment made, the couple of the successful marriage committed themselves to doing somethings to ensure that their marriage works.

No marriage is easy, neither is there any that is a bed of roses, but your determination to make sure you both are happy in the marriage and that the marriage works out well is what makes it sweeter and better.

You both would have to live up to your vows, renewing your marriage vows is going to be a sweet and nostalgic moment for the both of you, memories and tears, pain and forgiveness, most of all bond and strength.

Your partner and you can decide to do it within yourselves, or you could have a few friends to bare witness of it, probably during your anniversary, just as you choose. You do not have to wear a wedding gown and go to a church again. But then it is your choice.

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