Valentine’s red

 Valentine’s red

By Ikenna Amadi

It was full moon as every flicker of excitement drew lines on my showered body, while I anticipated his presence.

His gait, charisma, charm and stature mesmerized my soul while giving me shivers on my loins. He was the perfect being for my soul and as every day passed, I blessed the grace that landed his path towards me.

His presence in my life was life defining as he rebranded love with his immaculate being.

This was our first valentine celebration and I was already paralyzed with excitement while I fantasized about his bare body moistening my smooth skin, with intense pleasure indescribable.

The door creaked and I was already red with blush as his enchanting smile perfumed my heart.

His voice awoke my sensors while he hugged me as he entered my room.  The valentine was just getting started and I was already flushing with excitement embarrassingly while his gaze pierced through my heart passionately.

The unfamiliar light of the full moon gave me butterflies and I rekindled it with this special moment. It was Valentine’s day and I was freaking spend it with my dream man.

As he kissed my lips, I gave a slight moan, while he flickered his tongue on my nape, making my legs tremble.

I held him firmly, enjoying his masculine pleasure while his scent mesmerized my fantasies. He was taking me to cloud nine with every kiss and touch, while I moaned softly anticipating more of his endless passion.

Suddenly, his soft kisses became rapid and the next feeling was a fang like object piercing my nape.  I jerked in excitement thinking it was part of his sexual art.

Soon, the pain came as I noticed I was being bitten. I jerked in shock as I raised my head looking at his face which has mysteriously turned into a beast with a fang like teeth reminiscence to the vampires we see in movies.

I was hell shock as he grabbed me and helplessly sunk his teeth on my nape, while I weakly bled under his attack. At that moment, reality dawned on my half dead being as I gradually drifted away, while reality dawned on me, with the glare of the full moon staring fixedly at my mutilated body.

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