The unfamiliar enemy

 The unfamiliar enemy

By Ikenna Amadi Paschal

The whole class was quiet, dim lights from reading lamps illuminated everywhere as heads were beginning to doze off. I watched as the fervent night class readers were beginning to answer the call of nature, much to my excitement as this was the perfect opportunity to carry out my plan.

I turned my head, scouting for her as she sat close to the jarred window, evidently pressing her phone. I quickly sent her a text and under a split second, she left the class. Daughter of ‘wobe’!

We had our moments in nights like this and we trudged to our home of bliss. I tickled her as she enjoyed the pleasures of my fingers while we pierced through the dark. As we walked through the dark, my whole body was aching to devour her and I was beginning to lose patience as this was the reason of my presence for night class.

The whole school vicinity was as quiet as a graveyard as this was close to 2am in the morning. As we trudged nearer enjoying our little pleasures, I could hear distant voices from afar but my lustful desire threw away its reality.

Finally, we got to our haven as it was so dark and fitted our quest. A dark building which was a popular place on campus and a safe nest for lustful youths. We didn’t even settle down, before I planted a Kiss on her, which instigated a spontaneous reaction from her.

She was scared as she tapped my groin asking me to look back that she suspected someone was behind us. I quickly rebuffed that fear, as my whole body hungrily scanned her soft shores much to her sudden fearful restraint.

As I hungrily scanned her, I heard footsteps approaching us quickly with the weirdest of voices and then reality dawned on e. I quickly dragged her to an opening inside the room and we hid under muffled tables.

As the footsteps dragged nearer, I knew this was doomsday. Her hands were shaking as I tried to play the hero by calming her. I hugged her tightly assuring her that nothing would happen to her and then…. Just like a dream from the ages, a torchlight was shone at us and there standing before us were three giant guys on khaki shorts and polo each, with deadly weapons staring at us like monsters. I was close to peeing with fright when I got a sheepish smile from one of them.

‘Babe, Na the guy be this?’ one of them asked. I was shocked with that question as I looked at the girl beside me hoping it wasn’t for her. And then, I got the biggest shock of my life. The angelic gait gave way to evil as she stood up from our hideout like nothing ever happened and nodded her head. I was confused as I tried to decode what was happening.

‘Don’t give me that face bastard! You think you can play around with me. I am in for the game. After today, you won’t have the guts to break any girl’s heart’ she blasted.

At that moment, reality dawned on me as I had met my waterloo. Immediately, I started begging, knowing my playboy lifestyle had met its end and all I could get as forgiveness were mutilations on my soft body, while she stood there without expression.

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