Twists, love triangles… highlights of BBTitans one month after

 Twists, love triangles… highlights of BBTitans one month after

It’s been thirty days since MultiChoice’s Big Brother Titans debuted. There’s been laughs, triangles, fights, drama, and plenty of twists; and amidst all of it, plenty of lessons. We highlight a few of them below.

  1. Protect your partnerships:

Before the show began, it would have been easy to assume that the countrymen would bond with their people over those on the other side. That happened. Each housemate stayed where things were comfortable until Big Brother threw in a twist that paired opposite genders from opposite countries – male South Africans with female Nigerians and vice versa. 

The game quickly became two-for-one. The past two weeks have taught keen viewers that protecting your partnerships will help you go far in any project. The best and farthest-running housemates on Titans would be those that treat their pairing as sacred and do everything to make sure they and their partners shine.

  1. Don’t get drunk on power:

The HOH role has been played differently over several seasons of BBNaija and Mzansi. Fans saw another dimension when Kanaga and Blue Aiva took on the HOH role in the 3rd week. While Blue was calm, Kanaga was on a power trip. Several housemates confided in Biggie during their diary sessions that they didn’t like his leadership style. At the end of his week as HOH, the housemates put up the ‘Kanaiva’ pair for possible eviction.

  1. Accept people’s differences:

Acceptance is the loudest lesson the season teaches us. Nigerians and South Africans are very different. They have distinct styles of music, dancing, dressing, food, ways of life, etc. Yet, when you pair these elements, they create something beautiful. As different as the Nigerians are from the South Africans on BBTitans, accepting and embracing their differences have made this one of the most exciting seasons in Big Brother’s Africa history. 

  1. It’s okay to have a strategy:

Housemates love to come on the show and claim they have no strategy. However, BBTitans is a game. Those that would go farthest, in and out of the house, are those with defined plans. Kanaga’s entrance into the show was the loudest, and everyone instantly had his name on their lips. Still, he’s different from his entrance now that he’s in the house. He is calm, put together, and talented. Fans can’t decide if his relationship with Tsatsi is a game or the truth. For this, he’s been on the top 5 most talked about housemates list at least ten times since the show began.

  1. Talent will open several doors:

Ebubu had tongues wagging when he walked on stage on the BBtitans launch day, as he is the first albino on a BBNaija-featured show. It was easy to love him as many considered him the ‘underdog’. He has managed to win more hearts of housemates and fans because of his talent. He is always ready to dive into tasks and is never afraid to show off that he is someone with eyes for the arts. His focus on showing off his talents earned him a protector in Jaypee and a jail-free card from eviction, thanks to Blaqleng. 

  1. There’s beauty in diversity: 

BBTitans is the most diverse Big Brother show Nigerians have seen in a while. Apart from combining two countries, the housemates on the show are a good cocktail of people from different tribes, backgrounds, religions, colours, weight sizes, skin tones, and even geographical areas. 

  1. Never underestimate anyone: 

It’s easy to look at some housemates and assume they don’t have what it takes to go far in the game. Yet, they are still in 30 days after. Blue Aiva and Miracle, who came in late in the game, have been the subjects of the most conversation in the house. Ipeleng, who is one of the most conservative HMs, has managed to shock fans over and over again.

  1. A game is a game. Avoid being too emotional:

The one thing you never want to be is so emotional that you can’t be rational. People in the house like Ebubu, Kanaga Jnr, Yemi, and Yvonne approach every opportunity to make a strategic move with clear eyes. Then there are those like Marvin who get in their feelings when people play the game and refuse to let things go. Being too emotional will only weaken you and lower your game.

  1. Always work to create the right kind of partnerships:

Even though the housemates are now in pairs, certain people have a leg up on others. For example, during nominations, it would be difficult for Yemi to put up either Khosi or Blue Aiva unless that’s the only option he has. It is the same with Yvonne and Juicy J or Tsatsi and Kanaga. Away from the romantic mixes, there are also friendship partnerships, like the one that made Blaqleng save the Royals from possible eviction and then had the Royals return the favour.

  1. Don’t overshare:

Nana is gathering an army of ‘haters’ because she’s been oversharing since she got on the show. She’s revealed intimate details about herself that don’t allow people to fall in love with who she is on international television. Her last oversharing in a fit of rage had her allude to rolling with dangerous people who could find and hurt fellow housemate, Khosi, if she pleases. All that led to was more people calling for Biggie to send her home. Sadly, that means her partner, Thabang, who is the opposite, is also now at risk.

  1. Confidence will always be attractive:

Lukay, Sandra, Yemi Cregx, Yvonne, Ebubu, Khosi, Kanaga, and Blue Aiva, are some of the names that come to mind. Lukay and Sandra were confident till the end of their game. Their confidence was one of the reasons Ipeleng liked Lukay and why fans fell in love with Sandra in just nine days

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