All you need to know about BBTitans voting process

 All you need to know about BBTitans voting process

As most people know by now, Big Brother Titans follows a mix of Nigerian and South African housemates living in Big Brother’s house together while being filmed 24/7.

The show provides a platform for discovering talents and enables participants to enhance their personal growth. During their stay, the 24 housemates, now reduced to 12, participate in various games and activities.

Viewers are privy to every interaction between the contestants, observing how they bond, relate, and complete tasks. Because the show is widely broadcast, the audience plays an important role in determining the winner. They decide who stays and who goes, as well as who wins and losses. They ultimately decide through a voting system. The BBTitans voting process is unique, but fans can vote for their favourite BBTitans contestant by following these simple steps.

Register via web & mobile

There are three primary voting channels available: app, web and mobile. This method involves visiting the official BBTitans website,,  where you can register for voting access.

The process is straightforward, starting with clicking on the “vote” menu item and selecting “register”. Fill in your personal information and submit it. You’ll then receive an OTP number via SMS to complete your registration.

Vote on the website

Once registered, you can log in using your cellphone number and chosen password. You’ll then have to choose from a list of housemates. You can select your favourites and enter the number of votes you want to cast, up to a limit of 100 votes per user.

Vote on the MyDSTV & MyGOTV app

Download the official MyDSTV App & MyGOTV App from the Google Play or Apple Store using your mobile or tablet device.  After logging in to your account, select your country and provide your surname, cell phone number, and smart card number. Then look for the ‘Big Brother Titans’ card and click the vote button. Follow the instructions to cast your vote.

The BBTitans voting process is an integral part of the show, which allows the audience to have a say in who wins the competition. By understanding the voting methods, and results, you can make an informed decision and support your favourite contestant throughout the show.

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