Top six footballers who collapsed during match, died later

 Top six footballers who collapsed during match, died later

Despite its reputation for excitement and passion, football occasionally experiences tragic incidents that serve as sombre reminders of the risks players take when playing the game.

A terrible number of gifted football players have died throughout history while playing the game they loved. These heroes should never be forgotten because they gave their all, had unquestionable talent, were devoted, and will never be forgotten by the football community.

Here is a list of the most significant football-related deaths that happened during or after games.

1. Marc-Vivien Foé (Cameroon)

Foé collapses against Colombia

Marc-Vivien Foé, a Cameroonian midfield player who passed away during a Confederations Cup match in 2003, is one of the most well-known cases. The football community was shocked by Foé’s untimely death, which also served as a sobering reminder of the risks associated with the game.

The unexpected passing of Marc-Vivien Foé has reverberated throughout football history more than any other incident. His sudden passing from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart ailment, highlighted the significance of cardiac health in the sports world. The legacy of Foé serves as a constant reminder of the need for close medical supervision and the precariousness of life, even in combat situations.

2. Phil O’Donnell (Scotland)

One of Scotland’s best prospects, Phil O’Donnell, died during a Motherwell vs. Dundee United match in 2007. Heart failure caused the 35-year-old to collapse on the pitch, leaving a grieving football community and career cut short. The sad event spurred a wider discussion about cardiac screening procedures and resulted in important adjustments to improve athlete safety and wellness within the football community.

3. Antonio Puerta (Spain)


Puerta, a left-side midfield player with versatility who could play as a wing back or midfielder, came through Sevilla’s excellent youth system and made his debut in the 2004–05 season before solidifying his spot in the starting lineup the following season.

Football world lost the emerging star in 2007. The 22-year-old suffered multiple cardiac arrests during a league match against Gatafe, and eventually died three days later. Puerta’s tragic death brought attention to the hidden threats and possible hazards that come with young athletes who appear healthy, motivating football teams and associations around the globe to spend money on state-of-the-art screening methods and thorough medical assessments.

4. Miklós Fehér(Hungary)

Miklós Fehér collapses during a match

Hungary, Benfica and the football world were left in a state of shock when it witnessed the death of Miklós Fehér on the field live. Fehér debuted in the ranks of the Gyóri Eto Magyar team at the age of 16 and after 3 good seasons he signed for Porto. He played for Salgueiros and Sc Braga before he signed for Benfica in 2002.

Unfortunately, at the best moment of his career and at only 24 years old, he died of cardiac arrest during a Benfica vs Vitoria de Guimaraes match on 25th January, 2004. The images of his teammates crying on the grass were one of the hardest moments we saw on a football field. Benfica retired the number 29 in his honor and he was buried with state honours in his country.

The 24 year old’s death sparked a global discussion about how crucial it is to get medical attention right away during such crucial on-field moments.

5. Piermario Morosini (Italy)


The tragic incident involving Piermario Morosini occurred in 2012 during a Serie B match between Livorno and Pescara. Morosini, on loan from Udinese, he suffered a heart attack on the pitch. After collapsing 30 minutes into the match, the 25-year-old Morosini passed away in the hospital. An hour and a half later. The three physicians who attended to Morosini were charged with neglecting to administer proper care and with not using a defibrillator, even though there were two available at the stadium and one in the ambulance that transported Morosini to the hospital.

His death raising awareness about the importance of cardiac screenings in football.

6. David Longhurst (England)

Longhurst joined York City from Peterborough United in March 1990 and in a 1990–91 season league match against Lincoln City, he suffered a heart attack on the pitch, and was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital. David was only 25 years old when he lost his life doing what he loved.

These are only some of the numerous football players who have died while participating in their beloved sport. Football, for all its thrills and excitement, can also be a dangerous and high-risk sport, as their tragic deaths serve as a sobering reminder.

These incredible football players’ tragic deaths serve as a reminder of the inherent risks that even the best players on the pitch are susceptible to.

The football community is still in mourning and paying tribute to these players’ memories, but it is also striving to enhance security and medical procedures in order to avert similar incidents in the future.


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