Breaking barriers: Meet Sarah, the car audio technician carving a niche in male-dominated profession

 Breaking barriers: Meet Sarah, the car audio technician carving a niche in male-dominated profession

In Nigeria, where traditional gender roles often dictate career choices, Aremu Sarah Oluwaseun is defying societal expectations and paving her own path as a student and a car audio technician/consultant.

At just twenty-four years old, she has managed to establish her own thriving business, offering an impressive array of services including selling, installing, and repairing car stereos, speakers, DVD systems, reverse cameras, woofers, amplifiers, and more.

Aremu’s journey of becoming car audio technician¬†

Aremu’s journey in the male-dominated field of car audio technology began in 2014, when she started learning the trade under the guidance of her father at his workshop. Despite being surrounded by skepticism and doubts from others, she remained undeterred in her pursuit of excellence


One of the biggest challenges Aremu faces is the constant underestimation she encounters from men who doubt her technical expertise due to her gender. In a society where women are often expected to pursue “feminine” professions, Aremu recognizes the need to challenge these stereotypes. “It felt strange to some people because they felt I wasn’t fit for the work,” she shares. However, her passion for the trade, coupled with her determination to prove herself, fuels her perseverance.

Her inspiration

Aremu’s interest in car audio technology developed through her close bond with her father, who exposed her to the world of car audio at a young age. As he entrusted her with tasks in his workshop, she found herself drawn towards the technical aspects and intricate workings of car audio systems. It was through these experiences that she discovered her innate talent and realized that pursuing her chosen profession was the only path for her.

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Confidence, hard work, and trustworthiness are the pillars upon which Aremu has built her successful career. Yet, her journey has not been without its fair share of difficulties. Despite making a significant amount of money from her business, she still faces challenges due to prejudice and skepticism. “Most men tend to look down on me because they don’t believe I have the capacity to do this work,” she admits. However, rather than succumbing to negativity and giving up, Aremu relies on her resilience and determination to prove her worth.

As a role model for the youth, Aremu emphasizes the importance of utilizing one’s talents and gifts to serve the world. She encourages young people to be problem solvers, to think outside the box, and to pursue their dreams relentlessly. “Don’t listen to the doubts and prejudices of others,” she advises. “You can’t give up, and you won’t.”

In a country where the demand for skills often outweighs the worth of certificates, Aremu’s story serves as an inspiration for present-day students. Striking a balance between academic achievements and practical skills is crucial for staying relevant in today’s job market, particularly considering the rising unemployment statistics. Aremu’s example showcases the value of pursuing one’s passion, honing one’s skills, and forging a unique path that challenges conventional norms.

Aremu Sarah Oluwaseun’s journey as a car audio technician/consultant serves as a reminder that determination, perseverance, and resilience can shatter the glass ceilings imposed by society. She is not only breaking barriers but also leaving a trail of inspiration for other young Nigerians to follow. With her commitment to her craft and her unyielding spirit, Aremu has proven that passion knows no gender and that dreams, when pursued relentlessly, can become a reality.

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